Delusional Owner Serves Frozen Food While Claiming It's Fresh | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019


  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.  6 months ago +5864

    Nino would serve fresh food and claim that it's frozen

  • BrendanTheGent
    BrendanTheGent  6 months ago +2927

    If youre the owner.. everything is your responsibility

  • Mewtube
    Mewtube  6 months ago +1701

    Daughter: "Daddy can we watch a movie?"
    Gordon: " Sure which one sweetie?"
    Daughter: "Frozen"
    Gordon: "Oh f*** me!"

  • Typical person
    Typical person  6 months ago +654

    50% delusional
    50% lying
    100% thick headed

  • Craftdan
    Craftdan  6 months ago +546

    > Owner: 'I don't believe in frozen food, I don't like frozen food'
    > 2 minutes of back and forth
    > Owner: 'So what you're telling me is... if the food is frozen, it's bad?'

  • Ali Love
    Ali Love  6 months ago +343

    “Im not a fan of frozen food. I dont like frozen food”
    A couple seconds later
    “So you’re saying if somethings frozen its bad?”
    ....I cant even... how many times has she hit her head?

  • bitchgotme FUCKEDup
    bitchgotme FUCKEDup  6 months ago +347

    " the kitchen is not my responsibility, I have enough responsibilities gordon!" YOU OWN THE RESTUARANT IF U CANT TAKE ALL THE RESPONSIBILITY THEN U SHOULDNT OWN A RESTAURANT

  • Mo Money
    Mo Money  6 months ago +111

    "It's fresh frozen, out of the can"

  • Jerminho 10
    Jerminho 10  6 months ago +179

    Ramsay: Pulls out tons of frozen chicken out of the freezer
    Woman: It's Fresh
    Me: Excuse me, Wtf??

  • Paco
    Paco  6 months ago +304

    I worked in kitchen where they cook beans put in little bags and freeze it and when someone order it they unfreeze it in microwave,it made me hate chief job..That was my school practice basically work for grades not money,and one day I was washing dishes with warm water and Owner yelled at me why I don't use cold water (it was winter you could not touch cold water) and I just said okay and I take my stuff and leave I didn't give a fuck for dirty people like those.

  • Connor Broessler
    Connor Broessler  6 months ago +230

    "I don't like frozen food" SERVES FROZEN FOOD

  • Jean Pierre Wehry
    Jean Pierre Wehry  6 months ago +117

    04:25 Gordon literally finds a freezer full of frozen food
    Owner: "I don't like frozen food" 😂😂😂😭

  • John Smithee
    John Smithee  6 months ago +53

    Gordon: These people are frozen
    Owner: No they're still fresh

  • Jake Joseph
    Jake Joseph  6 months ago +73

    There is a thing called a refrigerator.........where food stays fresh and doesn’t get freezer burned....but okay you do you.

  • Soy Sauce
    Soy Sauce  6 months ago +2999

    That title is just 90% of the show.

  • Big Drew
    Big Drew  6 months ago +86

    2:58 looked like he wanted to kill her

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim  6 months ago +71

    1:13 I've never seen GORDAN that calm and this woman has the audacity to complain about his voice all whilst she screams. PATHETIC... NINO WOULD serve chicken just the way he likes it......

  • BF Network
    BF Network  6 months ago +64

    Owner: “I don’t know why we don’t have people coming through the door.”
    Maybe because all the food is frozen?

  • DILLIGAF2101
    DILLIGAF2101  6 months ago +32

    Video after video of delusional restaurant owners who refuse to listen to a world-renowned celebrity chef with multiple Michelin stars. It makes you want to reach through the screen and strangle these whack jobs! It's like getting Michael Jordan to give you personal basketball coaching and then telling him he doesn't know WTF he's talking about.

  • Sipping Some Lat-tae
    Sipping Some Lat-tae  6 months ago +1476

    "How much chicken does one restaurant need?" PLOT TWIST, THEY ARE ALL TENDER PIECES OF ELK