NLCS Winners 1995-2017

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 20, 2017
  • The National League Champions of the Divisional Round Era.


  • Isaiah and Elijah
    Isaiah and Elijah  a months ago

    The braves have been in a lot losing or winning

  • Danny Eyheralde
    Danny Eyheralde  a months ago

    my favorites are '12 '14 because we won those at HOME. I'm going to miss Boch!

  • Peter the Man
    Peter the Man  a months ago

    How many times did we see Braves, Cards, and Giants??? ^^

  • chole priicce
    chole priicce  a months ago

    I hate the Cardinals

  • speedevil74 m
    speedevil74 m  a months ago

    2 WS appearances for the Smurfs 2 yrs in a row and nothing to show for it. Giants 3 WS wins in 4 tries. What gives?

  • Laneydoo
    Laneydoo  a months ago

    The Cardinals are everywhere in this video, jeez.

  • Ryan morales disney park fans

    He’s safe. Call New York 6:19 :)

  • Just Nobody
    Just Nobody  a months ago

    Whole lot of giants and cardinals

  • Wayne Laney
    Wayne Laney  a months ago


  • pikespice
    pikespice  a months ago

    9:09 it must've taken Joe Buck all his strength to avoid going "The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!"

  • Hulk Hogan
    Hulk Hogan  a months ago

    Joe Bucks sounds like a guy calling a game. Bob Costos sounds like a guy trying to call a game.

  • Larry Fisherman
    Larry Fisherman  a months ago

    Add the 2018 dodgers

  • Alexander Pinkerton
    Alexander Pinkerton  a months ago

    7:40 that ump’s energy is what I need in life

  • Shawn Lempera
    Shawn Lempera  a months ago

    1:10 Balk? He didn’t really pause, I guess for a quick second he did

  • The ice mask gang
    The ice mask gang  a months ago

    7 times... 7 times 7 fucking times since 1995 the cardinals have been robbed by bad calls and stupid shit 7 fucking times we’ve been screwed Over... now I’m pissed

  • random_ User0929
    random_ User0929  a months ago


  • Gamingbeasthd
    Gamingbeasthd  a months ago


  • Lucas Sinclair
    Lucas Sinclair  a months ago

    the brick red, black and white Astro uni's were the worst in their history IMO

  • walterlv01
    walterlv01  a months ago +1

    1:10 - Kevin Brown with a complete game in which he gave up 11 hits and 4 runs, threw 140 pitches, and was still in the game in the 9th with two runners on and a Hall of Famer at the plate as the tying run. Might never see that happen again.

  • It’sMeOfCourse l0l

    Go cubbies!