Hotel Serves 6 MONTH OLD FROZEN Rotisserie Chicken | Hotel Hell

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
  • At least she's admitting to it.Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food - for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels:


  • Norben Valencia  3 months ago

    The owner looks like the type to serve you poisonous apples.

  • David Big  yesterday

    Norben Valencia she does. behold the boomers

  • What r poisonous apples

  • Daniel Russell  3 months ago

    That chicken looks like an archeological discovery from Antarctica

  • @Fab Max You son of a bitch! lmfao

  • Daddylongneck  2 days ago

    Daniel Russell wanna be my girlfriend

  • Will Watt  5 months ago

    Anyone else on a Ramsay binge watch

  • Stu P.  7 hours ago

    Will Watt you me and the entirety of youtube

  • Lil Thicc  5 days ago


  • Azzareo  3 months ago

    I’ve got mad respect for the kid with glasses

  • Joy Floresta  4 days ago

    He's tired the owner's bullshit, he knew he had to do something with a help of Gordon. Hope that man gets a promotion.

  • Willer Auguste  4 days ago

    Yeah cause he’s just serving it he don’t care

  • Nozomi Tojo  5 months ago

    this is the same hotel where the lady shit on the floor lol

  • Sara Herrmann  4 hours ago

    @Jorge Flores no its the same episode.

  • JustSomeGinger  yesterday

    Karen is also on obsessive cleaners where 2 people try and clean her house and it was mad, she hasn’t washed her mattress in 70 years or something

  • Brendan Leitch  5 months ago

    If the restaurant doesn't work out for her, she can get a job as the witch from Snow White

  • Armontek  7 hours ago

    Is that not what she's currently doing lmao

  • Carl Gois dirty like fuck. Amazing choice for words👌

  • Wade  2 months ago

    LOL chicken been frozen for more time than it lived.

  • Armontek  7 hours ago

    @Cody Cowan 4 months alive is still less than 6 months in the freezer. Which was the joke...

  • @Cody Cowan Cornish Cross broilers are ready to slaughter at or before 8 weeks. They're selectively bred to grow extremely fast on the least amount of feed possible. There's no magical feed or "hormones" that makes them grow that fast and efficiently; it's all genetics and good old fashioned selective breeding taken very seriously. I raise my broilers (for my own consumption) on scrap vegetables from food trucks, salvaged dog food, grass, and insects cultivated on my property for that purpose...

  • ddubs 11  3 months ago

    Love how eager the waiter is to throw them under the bus 😂

  • Winter W  2 days ago

    Just a reminder: don’t mess up with a kid with glasses 🤣

  • Some Random Guy  3 days ago

    He was sick of the bull💩. Can you really blame him?

  • Ben Dover  10 months ago

    Sarah, they don’t want to hear your life story, I died 😂😂😂

  • deathsagaXX  41 minutes ago

    @Sjaak trekhaak *Retard Alert* "dingdingdingding"

  • lsalazar252  14 days ago

    Ben Dover me with someone who I’m not interested with there life story

  • Sami Khan  5 months ago

    MR CHICKEN died in 1880

  • Obama Trump  8 days ago


  • This not a chicken . This one of Snow White's dwarves killed and cooked by the witch x)