The Moms Are JEALOUS That Abby Is Nice To Brady | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 4

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 18, 2019
  • Thanks for watching my video! Please subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an update on Dance Moms!Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! - is a clip from Season 8 Episode 4. Hope you enjoy!


  • Eli Etheridge
    Eli Etheridge  2 months ago +782

    Okay but can we talk about how Gianinas mom is being soooo supportive to Michelle??

  • I like kpop AND YOU CANT STOP LOVE

    Honestly I wouldn't mind if Brady was the new favorite cause so far he is meh fav, and gosh I used to love Stacey but now she's just plain annoying....just my opinion

  • Ludmila
    Ludmila  2 months ago +438

    Brady is the new Maddie huh

  • DIYs by Jennifer
    DIYs by Jennifer  2 months ago +136

    In this scene ONLY I kinda liked Joanne for encouraging her to stand up for her daughter

  • Veronica Ramsey
    Veronica Ramsey  2 months ago +482

    The producer basically asked her to confront Abby to get more views

  • Yusra A
    Yusra A  2 months ago +219

    Ok Stacey needs to shut the hell up like ya u would go to abbey and be like can u punish my kid cuz they bruised like wtf she wouldn’t say it what she telling the other mom idek her name to say ir

  • Fleetfatfox12 :3
    Fleetfatfox12 :3  2 months ago +87

    Brady is not the favourite. He's been on the bottom of the pyramid twice. Tricia sits like a statue because she doesn't want to send Brady home nor get involved in drama. Durrrr

  • Kenz Ann's Storiesss
    Kenz Ann's Storiesss  2 months ago +191

    Brady is only the favourite because himself and his mom stay out of the drama ! When will the other moms realise that 😂

  • Mercedes
    Mercedes  2 months ago +156

    So Brady really is the new Maddie .

  • Blessing Gee
    Blessing Gee  2 months ago +73

    I think they’re forgetting Pressley picked him as her duet partner not Abby

  • Eve
    Eve  2 months ago +27

    Funny thing is that if Lilly got all the attention, Stacey literally wouldn’t give a damn 🤔🤣

  • SB
    SB  2 months ago +30

    There is a difference between the way Brady and Maddie were treated. Abby went out of her way to be unfair with the other girls when it came to Maddie. I don’t think she is with these girls though.

  • Adwoa Boateng
    Adwoa Boateng  2 months ago +51

    Stacey is literally the new Christi, but a less entertaining version lol

  • Musical Melody
    Musical Melody  2 months ago +40

    When you see 7 “first”s in the comments😂

  • Ellie Melody
    Ellie Melody  2 months ago +60

    Who else loves Dance Moms?
    I can't believe I'm so early!

  • Daya Trevizo
    Daya Trevizo  2 months ago +42

    Out of all the moms why did they bring Stacey back 😭

  • HeyItsAbby
    HeyItsAbby  2 months ago +80

    i knew brady would be the favorite lmao
    small youtuber here btw!

  • brianna alvarado
    brianna alvarado  2 months ago +9

    I used to love Stacey and lili but now we have a mom that wants her kid to get everything bc she’s been with Abby before like Stacey Abby said week 1 this is a new start for ALL and lili is honestly coming off as a brat to me and Stacey’s jealousy has to stop 😤😤

  • Carla Sierra Benancio
    Carla Sierra Benancio  2 months ago +23

    I think Tricia is the best mom

  • Large Rooster
    Large Rooster  2 months ago +51

    No. Lily is the spoiled one this season. Obviously it's because she's the only returning cast member and the producers want to milk that, but I cannot stand her dancing or her mother's entitlement