I don't know why Dana White left without doing post fight interviews at UFC 228,CM Punk on Colby

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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    Colby Covington on Kamaru Usman,
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  • StepTic
    StepTic  1 months ago

    Cm punk 🤦‍♂️stfu and stop trying to act like your part of the ufc

  • Mitchell Warllance
    Mitchell Warllance  1 months ago

    .....because he was hoping for a different result. Hey you’re are legend and we love xxx

  • Kristofer Wodejszo
    Kristofer Wodejszo  1 months ago

    After Mike Tyson was convicted of rape in 1992, Trump said Tyson was the real victim. Tyson did not rape that women but got convicted for it in a not clear trail. If he is racist how could he take Tyson side?​

  • Kristofer Wodejszo
    Kristofer Wodejszo  1 months ago

    CM Punk is an idiot DT has nothing to do with racism. yeah DT have huge issues privately so did Bill Clinton with Monika at the WHITE HOUSE DOING THE WAS A PRESIDENT but this has nothing to do with it. My guess CM Punk is same skilled at politics as he is on MMA totally Basic. Go do your Homework PUNK!​

  • schwadaddy81
    schwadaddy81  1 months ago

    Dana still thinks McGregor whipped up on Mayweather

  • schwadaddy81
    schwadaddy81  1 months ago

    Colby is a smaller man than his daddy donald trump lol... dad towers over him

  • Eric Steppe
    Eric Steppe  1 months ago

    Does anyone give a shit what CM Punk's opinion is...other than himself I mean?

  • Old Toad
    Old Toad  1 months ago

    CM punk is an idiot. Stick to fake fighting.

  • manuel Gonzalez
    manuel Gonzalez  1 months ago

    Damn fuck punk

    CHAINSAW RIPGUT  1 months ago

    BM Punk shut the funk up

  • JMJ -K
    JMJ -K  2 months ago

    I didn’t realise CM punk was such a smart dude. Much respect to him.

  • GarDoomForge
    GarDoomForge  2 months ago

    The ending was EPIC!!!

  • justicelawyer
    justicelawyer  2 months ago

    wow. CM Punk just went up 10 levels in my esteem.

  • Coco Pops
    Coco Pops  2 months ago

    Dana should just start hyping Woodley lmao

  • jokrj
    jokrj  2 months ago

    Wiz Kuntleafa lol

  • jokrj
    jokrj  2 months ago

    Fk CM PUNK.

  • Ronin Blax Mushroom Cloud

    I called out Colby's Manager, who is black, about the racism and he said that it was all an act. As a black man and an MMA fan I can't stand Colby but I think the guy is more WWE than KKK.

  • Malik Sucks Ass
    Malik Sucks Ass  2 months ago

    Dana's dog died.

  • Brian Slack
    Brian Slack  2 months ago

    Cm punk you are crazy. Trump isn’t racist. He didn’t support the neo nazis... he said there was good people on both sides of the argument for the monuments... good grief think for yourself please..

  • Dawid Jasiak
    Dawid Jasiak  2 months ago

    WAKANDA NIGGA WAKANDA FOREVER!!!! - Thats some shit Rampage would scream after a win.