GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Devil May Cry 5

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 18, 2019
  • Okay guys, I think we can finally let Capcom off the hook for all of those years where they screwed up every game they made. Devil May Cry 5 is a video game's video game, and stands right along side Devil May Cry 3. That being said, I still found sins and that's what you are here for.

    Please enjoy GAME SINS Everything Wrong With Devil May Cry 5!

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  • dmcadik
    dmcadik  yesterday

    I find his pronunciation of teminigru offensive

  • The Snake is Naked

    Everything Wrong with this channel

    1. Dartigan

  • SafeguardGaming
    SafeguardGaming  3 days ago

    Cellphones and computers do not exist in the DMC universe

  • ren branwen
    ren branwen  3 days ago

    1000 sins to this channel for all the mistakes they make including the assumption that use of poetry in this game is pretentious, it sets the scene and tone for V who carries spardas book OF POETRY.

  • Joey idc
    Joey idc  3 days ago

    he doesn't want to kill his brother not 100% yeah sure he stabs him and cut some and whatever but he knows he can survive that and sparda masked dante in dmc 5 if you are asking me that's mostly all that's left of Virgil's Humanity

    OMEGA COMICS  7 days ago

    Was any one else expecting when vergil riped neros arm that there was gunna be like a skyrim item fall when his arm disapeared lol

  • Dammn Deejay
    Dammn Deejay  7 days ago

    I don't think Virgil really wants Dante dead 😏

  • Thiago Navarro Dragoni

    No one is gonna say how V is totally unrelated to Vergil? Like, his face, his body, his atitude, the book thing, the tattoos, the familiars? That annoyed the hell out of me. I was really disappointed because I liked V on his own. Also, freaking Vergil as the villain again? Bring him back in another way, come up with some new good villain. Cowards.

  • ShawnXXX
    ShawnXXX  7 days ago

    9:54 Well he is half demon and remember when he sat on berials tail

  • JaKavyn Wilson
    JaKavyn Wilson  7 days ago

    His voice annoys me

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia  7 days ago

    So is Nero gonna be fisting Kyrie or try to shove his head in there?

  • Gonzalo Gonzalez
    Gonzalo Gonzalez  7 days ago

    What happened to Adam Driver? Swapped a lightsaber for a cane and everything...

  • Manas Pratim Tamuli

    Demon puberty??

  • Antoinette Ilano
    Antoinette Ilano  14 days ago

    Read Visions of V, he did have money after murdering some muggers, and he did tell Dante that it was Vergil, but what I don't get is why V suddenly got tattoos when he got separated, as those his familiars.

  • Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost

    This game is sooo awesome

  • Renegade Firehawk
    Renegade Firehawk  14 days ago

    1:39, To be fair, Nico"s father was a total ham.

  • Renegade Firehawk
    Renegade Firehawk  14 days ago

    12:36, Even though Arkham (Lady's father) was killed by Lady herself.

  • Xavier Nwameme
    Xavier Nwameme  14 days ago

    Saw the title of the video and came here ready to rage.

  • July B
    July B  14 days ago +1

    "some punishment is deserved"

    Dude he was in Hell™ for 20 years, he got it

  • Dammn Deejay
    Dammn Deejay  21 days ago

    Despite all the sins of this game, can we pause and appreciate how well the chacracters look design wise. I really enjoy how they made Nero look less like a spoiled brat. They made Dante look "too old for the weeb shit" and V simply looks like that guy your parents don't want you associated with but can't figure why