Why did Benjen join the Night's Watch?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 28, 2018
  • Why did Benjen join the night's watch? Was it a punishment? Is he hiding a secret? What was really going on?

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  • Elizabeth yaccarino

    Why was Benjen permitted to go to Winterfell after taking his vows? Nights Watchmen give up their birth families and take no part in the affairs of the throne. The Watch is their family.

  • Brent Sullivant
    Brent Sullivant  7 days ago +1

    I would like to add one thing. Maester Aemon on his death bed asked for "Egg", I believe he was not calling for his brother, but Jon Snow.

    NHMO OYTIS  7 days ago

    Show is a piece of crap, from where it got beyond the books...NOT canon.

  • David James
    David James  14 days ago

    3:03 Glad someone else picked up on the fact that the Starks were a dynasty dangling by a thread. Benjen very much ought to have married - preferably a Karstark - to bulk up the ranks of the Starks as both their father and grandfather were only sons, so there were no closely-related male line Starks, if any.

    One issue I would have with the notion of Ned and Benjen having a plan to get Jon to the Wall is that Benjen didn't bother to inform Aemon of Jon's parentage, or if he did, Aemon didn't tell Jon either. In the absence of a plan and Jon just more-or-less showing up of his own volition, that oversight can be, well, overlooked, but it starts to seem odd if they did have such a plan. Heck, if they had such a scheme, Benjen should damn well have never been made Head Ranger as that would endanger their plan as well, meaning they would have had to apprise Aemon of the issue - Benjen needed to stay alive long enough to get Jon to the Wall. The other problem with this plan is a moral one: the brothers are scheming to consign their sister's only progeny to effective oblivion, as well as consigning Benjen to such as well. It's not exactly a way for Ned to fulfill his promise to his sister.

    My view is that Benjen went to the Wall not as part of a wider plan with Ned to get Jon there but because he felt he might spill the beans to Catelyn or Jon at some point, bearing in mind in particular that prior to Ned's arrival in Winterfell with Jon, Catelyn and Benjen had effectively been living together for about a year in Winterfell and so Catelyn at this point knew Benjen better than she did Ned.

  • alicia mckenzie
    alicia mckenzie  14 days ago

    Benjen is a bastard.

  • Holly King
    Holly King  14 days ago

    These videos are what the show should have been.

  • crowdpleasa4495
    crowdpleasa4495  21 days ago +1

    make a hell of a good point, I wasn't making the connection. Does that mean Ben knew Jon was Lyanna's son?

  • Sarcastic Sid
    Sarcastic Sid  a months ago

    So basically Benjen knew everything and Jon Snow knew nothing? Got it

  • Panupat Chongstitwattana

    I can't connect secrecy to Benjin taking the black. I mean Robert is too dumb to connect all the dots in my view and Ned of all people would know best about it. Benjin would be perfectly fine staying in Winterfel and keep his mouse shut out of obligation he had to Liana.

  • Sport News
    Sport News  a months ago

    He flew to keep Jon's secret

  • zombienator 123
    zombienator 123  a months ago

    I understand that benjen could have got the sheild but why would the be a laughing tree on it. Would it not be a wolf of some sort as she was a stark

  • TheEastCheese
    TheEastCheese  a months ago

    Did Benjin ever find out about Neds death?

  • S Akintorin
    S Akintorin  a months ago

    Such a sad story! This is an amazing video, thank you

  • DC Hans
    DC Hans  a months ago

    If he was that close to lyanna, I wonder if he knew about jon?

  • Winston Scott
    Winston Scott  a months ago

    Just one issue, Ned was genuinely surprised and apprehensive when told that John wanted to join the NW. The idea the Benjen could take him was not something Ned supported with any enthusiasm nor anticipation. The book scene is clear on this.

  • Sabrina Mitchell
    Sabrina Mitchell  2 months ago

    There are few theories I agree with but this one I like alot. It makes a whole lot of sense to me. I hope once Jon found out (in the show at least) he realized all his Father and Uncle did to protect him

  • Amir Dibaei
    Amir Dibaei  2 months ago

    @in deep geek I noticed the edit at 11:56!

  • sandorsbox
    sandorsbox  2 months ago

    Honestly, even a 3rd son and 4th child of a house paramount would have been a pretty big prize for a lesser house and it would have also ensured that an additional heir might have floated around, just in case. In fact, he could very well have been give his own holdfast.

  • Michael villa
    Michael villa  3 months ago

    Seem like a bit of a reach...
    I think benjen questioned Ned about his “bastard” son. Ned eventually broke down and told benjen. They both wanted to look out for there sister’s son and knew the path Jon snow would go on. So they planned ahead knowing that Jon’s true identity could never be revealed and if it ever did, he would be untouchable because he took the black. And to ensure all of this benjen stark took the black to keep a close eye on Jon until he was ready to fend for himself.

  • Jerry's Stories
    Jerry's Stories  3 months ago

    Oh, you're assuming R+L=J. That's true in the awful show. And it's certainly a conclusion GRRM encourages book readers to jump to on a first read. But is it really true? (Here's a hint: No, it's not true.)