How to FAIL at Ending Game Of Thrones

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • We're finally here! The grand series finale of Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 The Iron Throne! And yet it seemed rather boring and lackluster? Why is that? And can it be fixed? Let's find out!


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  • Luey Sixty-six
    Luey Sixty-six  15 hours ago

    I think D&D gave up and that's when they gave their ,"GoTs will end in Season 8 , and even then, after just 6 episodes" ultimatum.
    I think they had been struggling writing outside of the source material since Season 5...and finally realised, they couldn't even write a decent season anymore, let alone the final season!
    And they also realised they couldn't just stall and wait on George Martin to finish it for them, because the show was in full momentum, and George...well, George was not!
    So with all that, it finally dawns on them that they are not capable of writing a great final season. So they determine to get out of the mess as quickly and shrewdly as possible.
    So they swiftly hammed it up, knowingly...but also knowing that there was no way out until they did this foul deed!

    So they gave GoTs a quick death, rather than drag the tortured writing out for any more years only to still murder it anyway.

  • Richie Schneider
    Richie Schneider  21 hours ago +1

    The next time the meteorologist is completely wrong about the weather instead of getting mad, just think "They subverted my expectations".

    28:40 "...this should only cause more problems, not less..." Stannis' legacy was teaching us the difference between "less" and "fewer" so we owe it to him to get it right. It's FEWER!

    LEAD FARMER  2 days ago

    Isn't it amazing how just one season could make the seven others pointless?

  • puhfrugherter
    puhfrugherter  5 days ago

    Game of Thrones: Brotherhood when?

  • Jinxbot
    Jinxbot  5 days ago

    i love the Stanley parable.

  • Misterlikeseverythin

    What if they left an angry rogue dragon like Drogon in Westeros and made a dragonslayer spin-off inspired by something like Moby Dick.

  • Mandy Buu
    Mandy Buu  7 days ago

    Laughing my ass off here. 😂😂😂

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy  7 days ago


  • Hans W
    Hans W  7 days ago

    this is so goood . loved your work. props man

  • Kanonamos
    Kanonamos  14 days ago

    I feel like these preproduction scripts and ideas need to be reviewed before approval. Maybe analyzed for flaws and areas of improvement before being rolled out and put on the air, instead of just being confusingly approved in the style of a Screen Rant Pitch Meeting?

  • momarist
    momarist  14 days ago

    Team Sansa? Wtf is team sansa? That stupid twat likes sansa? Theres absolutely no reason to like sansa, except her pussy having ability.

  • Talia12
    Talia12  14 days ago

    Truly AWFUL final season and finale. What was done to the Jon Snow character was shameful. Ruined the entire series.

  • ThomasRichardHaroldson

    The Prelude in E Minor, nice.

  • nmgh marquis
    nmgh marquis  21 days ago

    Ha Xb like most lore a lot of details and drink but no consideration 4 the consequences leaving only sick, blocked toilets and broken furniture most things like this should just have no conclusion except the sun blowing up destroying the galaxy or just transition 2 a little kid playing with lego and say it was all a fantasy at least then people's annoyance can be questioned instead of insured Hmmm6_6 Goood show kinda nice

  • It Just Works
    It Just Works  21 days ago

    Any notice that oversimplified moment?

  • arami187
    arami187  21 days ago +1



  • Liam Mckeating
    Liam Mckeating  21 days ago

    Funnily enough Naath has HUGE butterflies with poison that kills non-natives... like the unsullied... so presumably Grey worm is gonna die... so... why not stay in Winterfell after he left...

  • Jay B
    Jay B  21 days ago

    She burnt King's Landing which was so good. Thumb down Jon lover

  • Terror Billy
    Terror Billy  21 days ago +3

    That awkward moment when you read the script and find out Drogon was aiming for the wall and the Throne was just in the way.

  • Zanna Brooks
    Zanna Brooks  21 days ago +1

    And there it is! They ran out of source material and were incapable of writing the remainder of the show without it. The bottom line, they suck as writers. Imagination score for D & D, ZERO! By the way, I loved your rollercoaster analogy! So summed up the whole show after season 4.