How to FAIL at Ending Game Of Thrones

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • We're finally here! The grand series finale of Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 The Iron Throne! And yet it seemed rather boring and lackluster? Why is that? And can it be fixed? Let's find out!Patreon: Star: Channel Where I upload more frequent less edited videos. me on Twitter: Minor Prelude - ChopinThe-Shining Soundtrack De Natura Sonoris No 1Running in the 90s Kazoo cover Thing, The Frostbite Shark Sexy Hat - Audionautix metal Alchemist Brotherhood OST 3 - Philosophorum OmegaSouth Park The Fractured But Whole Character Sheet musicThe Encounter ~ Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Game of Thrones Kazoo Cover Humiliates Goku Theme Song LAKEY INSPIRED - Chill Day Fortress 2 MEDIC!Guilty Gear Xrd - Instant Kill ThemePortal 2 OST Volume 3 - The Part Where He Kills YouTribal War Council - Doug Maxwell Python's Flying Circus Intro Theme MusicDont You forget about me 8bit Jesus (Chiptune Cover) II The New Colossus SS march 5 minute loop's Hammer Theme - Yoshi's IslandInvader zim - GIR's CircusYoshi's Island Mini-BossBensound New Dawn - The Burninator Metal Cover Action Music Tactics - Alex Lisi of Thrones Western Theme - Midnight Man [Drum and Swing] Stanley Parable OST 'Informing Stanley'Turtles in Time Alleycat Blues Bastion Soundtrack - Slinger's SongThe Stanley Parable OST 'Following Stanley Bonetrousle Extended Gooseworx Quads - Fun Time - I dunno - Vampire Killer & Beginning [Remix] Qumu music End of The World Warren Explains Why Bran Shouldn't Have Won 'Game Ocasio-Cortez e Game of Thrones 2 - San Francisco Cityscape - Dawn to Dusk - 4K Season 8 Game of Thrones 8x6


  • Zemlja je ravna  1 months ago

    Bran : "I can never be lord of anything."Tyrion : "What about being the King?"Bran : "Where do I sign?"

  • Troy Townsend  9 days ago

    They probably should’ve had a flashing sign above Jon that said ‘This way to Loserville’...

  • n r  14 days ago

    "XY, # of his name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm"The King is the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. Or Six Kingdoms...It's so stupid! ;(

  • Jeffy B  1 months ago

    Iron chair is destroyed.Bran: I brought my own.

  • Sendra Kes  8 days ago


  • Xander Prime  1 months ago

    Lets get one thing clear.D&D are NOT writers.They are Book-to-Screen Adapters.They were never writers.They are just adapters.And when they ran out of Book Material, this fact became obvious.

  • YoshPrimePainting  6 hours ago


  • Robot Zombie  2 days ago

    Theyre screenwritersArent they supposed to know how to write a story? Any fan could write a better story😑DONT EVEN TRYTO JUSTIFY THEM BITCH😡

  • octoberboiy  1 months ago

    If Dany had taken KL first and then died fighting the Night King I probably would’ve enjoyed season 8 more.

  • Fabio Galano  9 days ago

    @Adrian Wyatt oh naaaah obviously NOT, they needed dany going full villain after nk and cersei are splashed out, as well as jaime to completely do nothing in s8 with the thickest plot armour ever created JUST to betray dany and brienne and so on and go to kl to die how he wanted. fairytale ending has entered the chat, once again

  • Adrian Wyatt  16 days ago

    @ognilouD driB Jaime killing Danny and getting subsequently smoked by Drogon would have been a perfect preamble to a proper Long Night story in Season 8. The drama writes itself. lol

  • Mirai Kuriyama  1 months ago

    Then Drogon flew to Middle Earth and became Smaug

  • LentoturmaHub  4 days ago

    TheAkwarium So... Back to Season 5?

  • Son Of Montreal  18 days ago

    “I am fire... I am death... Of good writing.”

  • Brian Lowe  1 months ago

    The sound effects in the beginning were 10/10

  • dig duck  1 months ago

    Better than big fat budget pos Hollywood movies

  • Unformed8  1 months ago

    They sounded better than the lighting in s3e8, by far

  • Colin  1 months ago

    Greyworm: Murders anyone who served the Lannisters with extreme prejudice because they were “his queen’s enemies”.Also Greyworm: Decides Jon needs to go to jail for murdering said queen...

  • 54markl  23 days ago

    Yeah, of course Grey Worm spared Jon’s life. He was being restrained by Benioff and Weiss.

  • Loraine HAYWOOD  1 months ago

    Colin .....exactly what could possibly have happened between those two things so it made sense? FF to end .....

  • Kemot300  1 months ago

    Tyrion Lannister: "Who has a better story than Bran the Broken?"Rest of the present people: Everyone else here. Including YOU!!!

  • Warboss West  yesterday

    @algogy Bran: I completely agree, also I'm a high priest of a religion that no one in the kingdom worships so this wouldn't work.

  • algogy  3 days ago

    Tyrion: "Who has a better story?"Rest of the present people: "who gives a fck about stories, we have to choose the kinq/queen based on legitimacy and ability (and Bran has neither)."

  • Russell Moore  1 months ago

    “You have to respect the process.”-random Dothraki. 😂😂😂

  • karen mejia  10 days ago

    @Blackplant no, because not only is it to defeat the khal, they only follow the strongest one and although it does not necessarily involve a battle (like daenerys coming out of the fire or killing the khals) if it implies ferocity and character that he does not possess, it is as if a person x kill a khal while he sleeps, they would not follow him, the real doubt is: should not they kill him?

  • Blackplant  26 days ago

    Funny thing about process. If you kill the Khal, you become the Khal. Jon would now be Khal according to Dothraki succession law.

  • Aliki H-p  28 days ago

    George R.R. Martin is probably screaming with joy because he knows that everyone will buy his books to see the real ending

  • Aliki H-p  4 hours ago

    why yall gettin so pissed

  • freepeople091  10 hours ago

    Aliki H-p stop being in denial. Daenerys is still dying