The Struts - Primadonna Like Me

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 20, 2018
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  • 4st 7lb  8 months ago

    I'm so ready for a Glam Rock revival.

  • Green Trance  17 days ago

    @Don't Forget to Rock -- HOLY SHIT!!!! I feel alive again...!!!

  • Glam rock and grunge seem to be making a comeback and I’m completely fine with that

  • Sandra Kaiser  2 days ago

    Same here!!!! ❤️

  • Devin Reese  2 months ago

    @Daniel Daniel Even earlier: Crocodile, turtles, sharks and fish from the devonian. Theres norfolk pines and lycopods form the Devonian alive too. if you wanna get down to it, mammals and dinosaurs developed around similar time and disonsauria are more common as their descendent birds.

  • If Freddie Mercury and Joan Jett had a baby

  • Dion Kay  a months ago

    Aaaahaha lmfao. Good one. Stealing ur thunder Le Gay lol

  • Ayo  1 months ago


  • No. 1 Shaniac  8 months ago

    "Hey you, don't you know who I think I am?" Is one of the best opening lyrics I've ever heard in my life.

  • Presuming Ed  3 months ago

    Except that it's pinched from the Libertines.

  • Alex Bassford  8 months ago

    I hope this album is their big breakthrough, sounds amazing so far!

  • Rahul Nath  8 months ago

    Ok but damn, Luke really is the most charismatic rock frontman to come along in ages. So much swagger!!

  • And Papa Emeritus lol

  • Carson Hula  6 months ago

    This guy, White, Bellamy, and Flowers

  • Alexandre Athaide  7 hours ago

    Cara !!! isso é muito Glam Rock, revival anos 80,

  • froteet  8 months ago

    If there was one thing I didn't anticipate seeing in this video it was Luke throwing knives with Alice Cooper

  • MauiDave74  4 months ago

    My understanding is that Alice's manager Shep Gordon recommended The Struts play the last few shows in LA with Motley Crue a few years ago as Alice always does a New Year's gig on Maui for charity and had to jump off the tour. So they go back together a few years now.

  • Anonymous Rabbit  7 months ago

    @Mari Sundell Alice Cooper has often mentioned the Struts as one of the new bands he likes that still play Rock and Roll.

  • David Svenstrup  8 months ago

    Luke spiller is a great frontman

  • Lizzie Mallinson  8 months ago

    I get so many Queen vibes, Freddie Mercury would be proud

  • Steve Trent  2 months ago

    Freddie can't touch Luke....and I'm a Freddie fan

  • Devin Reese  2 months ago

    Looks like hes borrowing the looks. But the music???