Is crashing a Ferrari the best way to launch a YouTube channel?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 14, 2019
  • Big YouTuber Car StoriesDamon Fryer's first arrest - Dave's early auto history -'s Rough Murci - Ferretti's Ford GT drama - Fryer from Daily Driven Exotics ( has a channel that has blown up over the last few years and many people believe that was because he crashed a Ferrari 458 very publicly. Today he explains what actually happened. Visit for the best paint protection film and ceramic coating products. Keep your car looking new and maintenance free. Buy our NEW, LIMITED EDITION t-shirts and gear at our store.  - sure to Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share this with other car enthusiasts! Add to the stories of your cars and the cars you love on VINwiki. Download the free VINwiki iOS App - Download the free VINwiki Android App -


  • Omar M Khalil  3 months ago

    TLDR: To grow a channel, don't just go out and crash a 458, you need to consistently go out and crash 458s

  • TheHK2127  2 months ago

    Saideep Katragadda sweecexu wowe

  • A Wild Doggo  2 months ago

    @*Theres A Hair On Ur Screen* Actually, if you want to get your video advertised on videos or just on the website, in general, you can pay them. There's a button in the creator studio that allows you to see the options for advertising your video.

  • Paul Jenney  3 months ago

    The last time I was this early, Kimmi was still trying to gain 30 pounds

  • ххх  3 months ago

    Go Key Inspections aye what’s kimmies @ on insta

  • Josh Allen  3 months ago

    Cody Landreth her instagram is so old like her pictures are taken with major filter and shitty camera lol but her ass is you know....big asf 😂

  • ThatDudeinBlue  3 months ago

    As soon as I heard him talk about the Ferrari Challenge kit my stomach turned. Incredible build but insanely expensive.

  • JoshTheGamer 1021  2 months ago

    @Donald J Trump and maybe rebuild it? That would get tons of views

  • Donald J Trump  2 months ago

    JoshTheGamer 1021 and maybe the engine

  • Hoovies Garage  3 months ago

    Burning one is another good option apparently...

  • Bladed Angel hi

  • Bladed Angel  3 months ago

    Fucking F

  • Ed Bolian  3 months ago

    I really enjoyed exchanging notes with Damon while he was here about his experiences in YouTube channel growth. He has definitely figured out how to make it work.

  • Tyson Kennedy  3 months ago

    Cr55zy I don’t really like Amelia

  • Frankg Estrada  3 months ago


  • superspeedersRob  3 months ago

    100% key to youtube is controversy while wasting $!

  • Niklas  2 months ago

    Oooh so thats why you design this ridiculous house:D

  • Adrian Guirola  2 months ago

    How is the tow truck? Still costing more that what you paid for it? Hahahaha

  • JimsEquipmentShed  3 months ago

    If I took 100k and dumped it into a car with out telling my wife, the one typing this wouldn't be me, on account of being dead and all......

  • Alfredo Ortiz  22 days ago

    @phrogaircrew we have shared bank accounts so it's both our money but I only blow money on unnecessary things a few times a year like Fabulous Fords Forever and Stang up the bay. During these events I get a hotel and we all go to the strip club lol but she dont know that

  • phrogaircrew  22 days ago

    @Alfredo Ortiz If it's your money ask for neither.

  • VINwiki  3 months ago

    Thanks again for coming by Damon. Your channel growth has certainly been phenomenal. Congrats on all the success.

  • Joshua Hawkins  3 months ago

    VINwiki your a top 5 you tuber

  • zombies1238  3 months ago

    Vinwiki, what are the chances you could reach out and get the other driver's point of view? I know he might no want to due to privacy reasons, but it would be amazing to get the other side!

  • SteezyJ  3 months ago

    Damon your wife is a real ride or die for letting you fulfill your dreams and risking your house investment into your YouTube. So happy you are here today to tell your story. You have motivated me & so many others from over the years. I have real love for DDE ❤️

  • kj8491  2 months ago

    He's really lucky with her

  • KB325  3 months ago

    Thomas Brasse Dave wife hotter way hotter

  • jpx industries  3 months ago

    I would love it if you guys take the audio and post it on Spotify

  • Aðalgeir Nóelsson  2 months ago

    @stevemic actually they fixed it in 2017 lol. now if you minimize the app the audio stops until you open it again. Pretty sure they did it for another platform and it just happened to affect BB10, or it could be an issue with the aging web browser lol

  • KantKry  3 months ago

    I have a modded yt app tht I can do tht with for freeeeeeeeee