Inside Chernobyl (2012)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 26, 2012
  • EXPAND THIS BOX FOR MORE INFORMATION!A short film based on current conditions in Chernobyl & Pripyat. Please note, I am an amateur documentary filmmaker and this documentary was made on no budget. The only cost involved were just the travel expenses to the Ukraine.Follow my next projects on Facebook - Directors Cut - frequently asked questions:Where can I get the music? Purchase it here now! - is that bashing sound around the 15 minute mark? The foundations for the new shelter are being bashed into the ground as the soil is too dangerous and radioactive to dig up. The new shelter will cover the crumbling one that currently covers reactor 4. The new shelter will be completed in 2015.Was I exposed to lots of radiation? In short, no. My dosage of radiation would of been about the same as I would have received on a long haul flight. You also get checked for contamination on the way out of the zone.Did I have to wear any protective clothing? No, but you are not allowed to wear shorts or short sleeve shirts. You must wear long trousers and jumpers, boots or other hard wearing shoes. Open shoes like sandals are not allowed.How did I get access to Chernobyl? You can arrange a visit through a company called Solo-East. Google them! A private tour like I took costs $500 a day. I recommend 2-3 days if you can afford it. You will see hardly anything in just one day. Unfortunately, you are no longer allowed inside buildings.What camera did I use? It was a Canon 7D with a Canon 17-40mm L, Canon 17-85mm, Canon 70-300mm & Sigma 10-22mm. Sound was captured with a Sennheiser wireless radio mic and recorded on a Roland R05.What did you edit this video with? Adobe Premiere CS5 and After Effects CS5.


  • Mike McLaughlin
    Mike McLaughlin  3 months ago +1852

    anyone here from the HBO series

  • Glaucio Santiago
    Glaucio Santiago  2 years ago +568

    What I think is just great about the Internet, is that you don't need to have a budget of millions from Hollywood, in order to make an awesome movie or documentary. Great job!

  • Empress Pyra
    Empress Pyra  2 years ago +250

    Everyone who visits that hospital talks about the firefighters but I am wondering what happened to the nurses/ staff that handled those clothes. Someone had to carry all that right after exposure when it was at its most radioactive into the basement.

  • DanWillsXXX Gaming
    DanWillsXXX Gaming  a years ago +262

    Had there been a second explosion half of Europe would of been wiped out the men who worked around the clock to save life are True heroโ€™s wether they knew the risks or not still HEROS IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD

  • James Shore
    James Shore  3 months ago +41

    Scary to think what the government hide from us

  • robby serna
    robby serna  3 months ago +132

    I feel like I'm getting radiation just looking at this........... oh wait I am๐Ÿ˜‘

  • teppolundgren
    teppolundgren  2 months ago +42

    10 years ago, every other comment would've been about Call of Duty.
    Today, every other comment is about HBO.

  • Michael
    Michael  2 months ago +54

    Problem with video. In a lot of places the background music drowns out what is being said.

  • Alex Penney
    Alex Penney  4 years ago +773

    Respect to those Brave firefighters x

  • Greg Lemon
    Greg Lemon  4 months ago +44

    Youve got talent dude! What an incredible documentry, you captured the beauty of such an incredible place.

  • lofthouse23
    lofthouse23  10 months ago +63

    The West: "There has been an explosion at a nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union."
    Russia: "Nothing to see here, go about your business."

  • MzansiDanceSport
    MzansiDanceSport  3 months ago +205

    Here after watching Chernobyl HBO mini series. Radiate Like.

  • Pedro Peraro
    Pedro Peraro  2 months ago +53

    I follow Chernobyl disaster since around the year 2000.
    This Documentary is the best I've ever seem. The best images.

  • R W
    R W  3 years ago +612

    nicely done. for a amateur documentary, thats better than about 85% of the professional ones made.

  • Lon W.
    Lon W.  2 years ago +38

    The guy that captured the images from the helicopter is dead. EDit: think I read this somewhere. Did see a video interview of the guy though. Many of the helicopter pilots died, as well as many other heros. They went in without protection just to hurry up the process of enclosing the melt to protect others.

  • MissSassyPants
    MissSassyPants  a years ago +59

    A very educational anti professional documentary. My partners a Cameraman for GTV9 in Melbourne Aust, and is extremely impressed with the camera work too! The incidental music is spot on so why hasnโ€™t this awesome doco been seen on TV?
    Thank you for an informative and very moving upload! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘

  • Tristan McCoppin
    Tristan McCoppin  3 months ago +51

    the dude with the radiation meter in the room with the firefighters is his health??!

  • Arky2012
    Arky2012  3 months ago +99

    HBO's special on this just came out yesterday, very good

  • thomas stanners
    thomas stanners  3 months ago +113

    What a fantastic documentary, chernobyl is like a lost city from another time and dimension.. I have started watching the HBO series... ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ

  • BoranBKK Sakon
    BoranBKK Sakon  2 months ago +16

    Fascinating but chilling to see the firefighters boot and robes...