Inside Chernobyl (2012)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 26, 2012
  • EXPAND THIS BOX FOR MORE INFORMATION!A short film based on current conditions in Chernobyl & Pripyat. Please note, I am an amateur documentary filmmaker and this documentary was made on no budget. The only cost involved were just the travel expenses to the Ukraine.Follow my next projects on Facebook - Directors Cut - frequently asked questions:Where can I get the music? Purchase it here now! - is that bashing sound around the 15 minute mark? The foundations for the new shelter are being bashed into the ground as the soil is too dangerous and radioactive to dig up. The new shelter will cover the crumbling one that currently covers reactor 4. The new shelter will be completed in 2015.Was I exposed to lots of radiation? In short, no. My dosage of radiation would of been about the same as I would have received on a long haul flight. You also get checked for contamination on the way out of the zone.Did I have to wear any protective clothing? No, but you are not allowed to wear shorts or short sleeve shirts. You must wear long trousers and jumpers, boots or other hard wearing shoes. Open shoes like sandals are not allowed.How did I get access to Chernobyl? You can arrange a visit through a company called Solo-East. Google them! A private tour like I took costs $500 a day. I recommend 2-3 days if you can afford it. You will see hardly anything in just one day. Unfortunately, you are no longer allowed inside buildings.What camera did I use? It was a Canon 7D with a Canon 17-40mm L, Canon 17-85mm, Canon 70-300mm & Sigma 10-22mm. Sound was captured with a Sennheiser wireless radio mic and recorded on a Roland R05.What did you edit this video with? Adobe Premiere CS5 and After Effects CS5.


  • Mike McLaughlin  1 months ago

    anyone here from the HBO series

  • James Roberts  7 hours ago

    is there still radiation to this day liz..its been like 33 years ..those boots look scary

  • @James Roberts I was 25 when it happened and am still horrified to this day that they tried to play it down and the horrific way people died.Even more so that idiots today are going there posing for pictures for their social media forgetting people died there it's so disrespectful

  • Empress Pyra  2 years ago

    Everyone who visits that hospital talks about the firefighters but I am wondering what happened to the nurses/ staff that handled those clothes. Someone had to carry all that right after exposure when it was at its most radioactive into the basement.

  • is it ? was it ?  3 days ago

    @Dodo PUBG Well with that ammount of radiation on those clothes assume they would have at least suffered cell damage/mutation and eventually developed cancer at an early age ...

  • Dodo PUBG  3 days ago

    @is it ? was it ? not really

  • Crusher-P  3 years ago

    EXTREMELY informative, and for an amateur this is incredibly professional looking. The camera work is beautiful and gives a lot of insight to the grim tranquility in the surrounding area. It's hard to understand when people talk because the music is pretty loud and kind of drowns it out, but that's my only complaint.

  • Wee Fishy  3 months ago

    You would like the YouTube channel BioNerd. She filmed many of these.

  • 1Pen  3 years ago

    that guy with the Meter , must be mad, I'd not risk without a leaded glove.

  • Charlie Spurr  6 days ago

    @Timothy Wade He's delusional, take him to the infirmary, GET HIM OUT OF HERE!

  • Timothy Wade  8 days ago

    I was thinking the same thing. All that radiation concentrated in one place. He seemed to know where he was going, how many time has that maniac been down there? Does he already have cancer so he just doesn't care anymore?

  • Alex Penney  4 years ago

    Respect to those Brave firefighters x

  • puncheex2  1 months ago

    @Judy Arbic: Amen.

  • Judy Arbic  1 months ago

    @puncheex2 Just a sad sad thing to have happened.

  • Glaucio Santiago  2 years ago

    What I think is just great about the Internet, is that you don't need to have a budget of millions from Hollywood, in order to make an awesome movie or documentary. Great job!

  • Christina Leffel  18 days ago

    Glaucio Santiago I’ve been thinking tithe same. Who would ever have thought

  • Adrian Musto  22 days ago

    @Andrew Sindler Outside the plant it was averaging 44 Microsieverts, about the same you'd receive on a flight from New York to LA.

  • Jamie Lancaster  2 days ago

    The good news is that Caesium-137 has a half life of about 30 years.

  • The best documentary on chernobyl that I have seen...Loved it..It's beautiful Mr Adrian...Thank you...

  • Krisjanis  3 years ago

    My grandmas brother was apart of the first crew to go on the roof of the reactor. They wore lead suits and when're on the roof for 30 then had to go off. After putting on new suits and pouring water on them selfs they had to go back on. The radiation was so high their makeshift bots and vehicles also melted. He died not long after

  • I am so sorry! That is heartbreaking to hear.

  • JOHAN LAMPRECHT  16 days ago

    Brave men like your uncle saved many lives

  • Devalt  4 years ago

    Why don't people wear protective gear when carrying out these geiger readings?