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  • Published on:  Friday, May 26, 2017
  • Time travel is one of mankind's favourite fantasies. But what if it were possible to build a real time machine? To travel into the future or the past? Scientists are now teetering on making that impossible dream, reality.

    Originally broadcast in 2003. Content licensed by DRG Distributions. Any queries, contact us at

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  • bijay bhujel
    bijay bhujel  13 minutes ago

    i can agree with the parallel universe theory and like me i am sure there are more as a guitar player i sometimes drop off my pick right onto my foot since i know its just lying under my feet after a minute it disappears in a thin air not ever to be found and not just any time happens most of the time.

  • rhonda thompson
    rhonda thompson  8 hours ago

    you make a time machine im going back to 1985

  • George Sadek
    George Sadek  11 hours ago

    🌐king George world respect respected world wide ultimate ampire 🌍🌏🌎🌐🌍🌏🌎

  • n017kingg
    n017kingg  17 hours ago

    amazing, now lets get those lotto numbers boyz

  • Canadian Man
    Canadian Man  18 hours ago

    Really, if travelling to the past was possible we’d see travellers from the future, has not happened yet, so it will never happen. If it was ever possible, you could send plans in the past to build a time machine and keep doing that until you created a time machine in the distant past.

  • Josh Bevill
    Josh Bevill  18 hours ago

    Has it been finished?

    VERBALMILITIA  yesterday

    I am going to explain this as simply as possible. Both the measurements of time and space /distance are man-made constructs, neither of which are even exact, so you cannot go back to where the earth was and will never be again /'travelling back in time' /distance /or to where the earth is not here yet /'travelling forward in time' is impossible and if you believe that by going fast you won't grow old because you are going real fast, that's retarded. -marc27

  • cheryl leftwich vicki

    Meanwhile rightnow untilthen afterthat.

  • Her Name is Akane

    time machine, I won't one.

  • I.A. Woien
    I.A. Woien  yesterday

    Actually, the collected speed of our planet, included spin, is so close to lightspeed, that we could attach our time machine to this speed already achieved by the sun, the earth, the rotation, and the spin around the milky way, we have got much speed for free...

  • Yvonne Bales
    Yvonne Bales  2 days ago

    if you kill hitler before the war 50 million of people would still be here ...and we have too many already

  • Yvonne Bales
    Yvonne Bales  2 days ago

    im in a time machine first i was a baby than travel along until now im 77 so i have been in a time machine 77 years ...and i’m still in it lol in my time machine you can,t go backwards only forwards and you can stay still

  • Serge the Cat
    Serge the Cat  2 days ago

    This show was broadcast in 2003, 16 years ago. More than enough time to put some lasers and do the experiment. I think it is safe to say time travel is impossible.

  • kane lee
    kane lee  2 days ago

    professor mallette i believe that with a real time machine we will be able to go back to anytime we like, not just when the time machine was built..

  • Rolf Jander
    Rolf Jander  2 days ago

    Captain Smith wasn't warned so there will be no time travelers.

  • Genesis
    Genesis  2 days ago

    I do believe that C.E.R.N. is indeed a type of time machine....

  • Mr Harris
    Mr Harris  3 days ago

    We are travelling through time right now.

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott  3 days ago +1

    Not actually physically travel in time ⌚ but we can see into the Future is possible - that's it cant say how or why its locked in a safe place
    it only causes greed the fear πŸ₯΅πŸ‘it took me from the age of 21 to finally get here age 60 to say this πŸ₯‡πŸŽ† hi

  • Jail Killary
    Jail Killary  3 days ago

    Playing God will never end well...........

  • Chris
    Chris  3 days ago

    You cannot travel through time on earth without also being able to match earths path and rotation else you would time travel into open space where earth was or will be.