Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • Billie Eilish also rates being a teenager, Avril Lavigne, and more in this episode of Over/Under.------SUBSCRIBE to on Twitter: more videos from Pitchfork TV: Pitchfork on Facebook: out Pitchfork on Tumblr: Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under


  • Beatrice De Fazi
    Beatrice De Fazi  1 months ago +31371

    Billie’s breakfast be like: ⛓🔩🛠⚙️💉

  • Nutsa Namgaladze
    Nutsa Namgaladze  7 days ago +1182

    billie:“i pooped 8 times a day one time”
    12 yr olds:omG thaTs sO dEeP

  • C o c o Fudge:Gacha
    C o c o Fudge:Gacha  7 days ago +306

    I don’t really like this interview

  • STOP
    STOP  14 days ago +491

    'parents not homeschooling there kids makes them lazy'
    some people don't make as much money as you and need to go to work to provide for there family...

  • ZZtops106
    ZZtops106  2 days ago +3

    Not a single soul:

  • nic
    nic  1 months ago +8842

    billie is the gayest straight person ive ever seen

  • Games Karaffa
    Games Karaffa  7 days ago +642

    How’s she gonna say proms overrated but be homeschooled

  • delya bigny
    delya bigny  7 days ago +89

    I really like billie but y’all have to admit it was her WORST interview and she came off as direspectful af. Don’t try to defend her for no reason

  • Oriyan
    Oriyan  7 days ago +259

    ** me having problems with sleepwalking for ages**
    Billie : don't sleepwalk that shit is creepy.... Xd
    Thanks Billie , am cured.

  • Julie Buckman
    Julie Buckman  7 days ago +670

    Here sits Billie Eilish ruining her reputation for 10:50 minutes straight.

  • Trina Girl
    Trina Girl  1 months ago +16851

    Billie's friend: "what's for lunch?"
    Billie: points at McDonald's sign
    Billie's friend: "McDonald's?"
    Billie: "No BiTcH tHe PoLe"

  • Leah_Wolfie 101
    Leah_Wolfie 101  6 days ago +92

    "Listen, I'm not shaming ugly looking people.......but I am."
    --Billie The Eyelash 2019

  • xKawaiiPandaa
    xKawaiiPandaa  7 days ago +382

    She’s really dissing parents for working, helping their child by feeding them but don’t have the time to educate them. Not everyone is fortunate or not every parents are educated to educate which really makes me disappointed in her. Also, dissing people’s look is really untrue and very disrespectful. But whatever.

  • amber smith
    amber smith  19 hours ago +1

    Billie: no one likes broccoli

  • Fuzimaka
    Fuzimaka  3 days ago +52

    She’s trying way to hard to be edgy/“different” that it makes my skin cringe. Like it hurts.

  • Maya MacDougall
    Maya MacDougall  1 months ago +12524

    I feel like whenever she talks it’s like she’s having a conversation with herself

  • Sabrina Vazquez
    Sabrina Vazquez  7 days ago +68

    oh billie, this doesn’t look good for u

  • SmolRedWolfSrw
    SmolRedWolfSrw  yesterday +2

    Nobody :
    Hello? :
    Title : Billie Eilish

  • Lauren-Isabelle Usher
    Lauren-Isabelle Usher  7 days ago +274

    "Parents send their kids to school because they're lazt" at least my parents taught me respect and how to be decent

  • Julianne L. Needleman
    Julianne L. Needleman  7 days ago +286

    i'm a huge billie fan, i love her music, her style, and just her as a person, but i think some of the things she said in this interview were a bit out of line tbh. like shaming guys and calling parents lazy.