Scientists Couldn't Believe Their Eyes When They Found This...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 5, 2019
  • Scientists Couldn't Believe Their Eyes When They Found This...
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    Technology has enabled scientists, researchers, and observers to see things that we’ve never seen before. With aerial views, high-resolution photography, and the ability to photograph long distances into space, we are discovering more and more inexplicable and curious things. Let’s take a look at ten of the most mysterious things we’ve found that have been caught on camera.

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  • Mr Emann
    Mr Emann  an hour ago

    You need to do better research. The egyptian pyramids were not used as mosoliums. Its a common misconception but no mummies or remains have been found in them.

  • chavo del 8
    chavo del 8  13 hours ago

    These video is made of fake and a little of truth but theres part it are lies to wash the brains i dont believe part of the story

  • Michael Ferguson
    Michael Ferguson  16 hours ago

    So, google maps eh? Yeah I don't think so. These images are all CGI.

  • Hammer Hand
    Hammer Hand  20 hours ago

    The Great Pyramid's purpose as a tomb has been highly contested for quite some time.

  • Justina Musyoka
    Justina Musyoka  yesterday +1

    I dont think we are given to understand many things.we just guess.

  • Dejame en Paz
    Dejame en Paz  yesterday

    Wow what an idiot . no kings have been buried in any pyramids. Many NASA and private scientist have talked about many pyramids on many planets . these geoglyphs are a worldwide phenomenon not done by aliens but ancient man. There are vast amounts of evidence ignored daily for an advanced civilization at the end of the last ice age.water erosion on sphinx Gobleki tepi our archaeologist are members of a failing religion or cult and no longer use the scientific method

  • Nephilim Glass
    Nephilim Glass  yesterday

    The pyramids in Egypt ARE NOT burial tombs...this is already common knowledge.

  • Patrik Lindholm
    Patrik Lindholm  yesterday

    But they did and still didn't come up with ad hoc answers to back up some batshit ideas some fringe people cling on to.

  • Jason McGuire
    Jason McGuire  yesterday

    B S the eye has been referenced in old black and white moves even old ass books

  • Dora The Explora
    Dora The Explora  yesterday

    Do yourself a favor and study about Egypt.

  • Samuel Augusto
    Samuel Augusto  yesterday

    spending all that money looking in the wrong place.

  • Samuel Augusto
    Samuel Augusto  yesterday


  • Samuel Augusto
    Samuel Augusto  yesterday

    what is is today.

  • Samuel Augusto
    Samuel Augusto  yesterday

    all lie what you see Atantis

  • derkit frasner
    derkit frasner  yesterday

    What takes the pictures of the satellite passing Saturn??

  • VLVentureWorx 1
    VLVentureWorx 1  yesterday

    Eye of Africa is your Atlantis

  • J Wells
    J Wells  yesterday


    1CDCAVDOC  2 days ago

    Eye of the Sahara is also speculated as a connection to Atlantean culture

  • True Story
    True Story  2 days ago

    All Bullshit, they've never been to space. TAX money for free😂🤣😅😂👎🏼

  • thedutchone
    thedutchone  2 days ago

    Egypt pyramids are obtained by ones using them AS tombs, meanwhile real research , and many geologists know they are build 10.500bc . Just like gobleki tepe and many more , mirroring star constelations as the wher 10.500 bc. Wich would be....offcourse coincidence right?