Serena Williams vs. Bianca Andreescu | 2019 Rogers Cup Final | WTA Highlights

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
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  • Kenice King
    Kenice King  7 days ago +630

    Congrats to Andreescu and Canada. For 50 years no Canadian has even gotten to the finals of this tournament on their own soil. Too bad it has to come this way.

  • Nh Pn
    Nh Pn  7 days ago +609

    Sad for the people who bought very expensive tickets haha

  • Pablo Briones
    Pablo Briones  7 days ago +486

    That teenager deserved that trophy. She worked hard for that.

  • sharon somme
    sharon somme  7 days ago +218

    You know Bianca is Canadian when she apologizes for Serena's injury even when it's not her fault. lol.

  • Rei Ochoa
    Rei Ochoa  7 days ago +16

    En el 2020 Andreescu creo que se lleva un Grand Slam.

  • Moorish Brooklyn
    Moorish Brooklyn  7 days ago +150

    How about Bianca huh? I guess it was meant to be. I would have love to see a three set match tie breaker round; but it happened how it did. Congratulations to her and Canada.

  • Mike Woods
    Mike Woods  7 days ago +132

    Such a great athlete and class individual representing Canada. Very proud.

    JUBY GENRE  7 days ago +170

    Congratulations Bianca. You were in it to win it.

  • Alex Rodrigues
    Alex Rodrigues  7 days ago +146

    Was lucky enough to watch Andreescu in the 2nd round in person. Was amazed by some of the drop shots she was hitting!

  • B
    B  7 days ago +241

    Such a nice moment between Bianca and Serena. I really hope Serena's back isn't seriously injured and jeopardises her preparation heading into the US Open because she's played some wonderful matches this week after getting over the knee injury.

  • Salman Bakhtiyar
    Salman Bakhtiyar  7 days ago +189

    Kerber sitting at home muttering: "two drama queens"

    TALKS WITH TIM  7 days ago +170

    Serena was playing her best tennis since returning. It’s unfortunate her body let her down once again! Happy to see Bianca back to business!

  • takoyucky
    takoyucky  7 days ago +49

    The highlights are the entire match.

  • Amps3000
    Amps3000  7 days ago +29

    Maybe not the way she wanted to win it, but still what a tournament for this girl. Hope William’s back is okay. Proud day for Canada ❤️🇨🇦

  • anfeild8
    anfeild8  23 hours ago

    I agree but they have waited 50 years for a women's Canadian least it wasn't a walkover.

  • Royce Hogan
    Royce Hogan  7 days ago +97

    Can I have my money back

  • e b
    e b  7 days ago +19

    Before the Serena match, Bianca was 6-0 against top 10 players so this was never going to be some walk in the park for a 38 Serena. This had all the making of a drag em out trench warfare where she might have needed a ventilator and stretcher since Bianca has some serious game in terms of variety be it Power or Finesse.

  • Oh yeah yeah! 2
    Oh yeah yeah! 2  7 days ago +42

    The shortest tennis final ever of all time!

    ISTARI  7 days ago +8

    Serena disappoints again and again

  • Pyrophoresist
    Pyrophoresist  7 days ago +15

    Why did Serena not take a medical timeout if she had back pain?
    Looks like she didn't want to repeat last year when she got crushed in straights by a then young 20 year old fan, Naomi Osaka.
    When she was slightly rusty at a particular French Open & suddenly withdrew before her match with Sharapova because of a pectoral injury.