Jeff Piotrowski - A Severe Weather Update for SouthWestern Oklahoma 10-22-2017

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 21, 2017
  • Hello to our favorite subscribers!! Jeff and Kat are out on the road storm chasing today 10-22-2017


  • HappyQuails
    HappyQuails  a years ago +3

    It is wonderful to see Jim out there doing what he loves and being so cheerful and optimistic. This is a great quality in him.

  • Roscoe ElCocko
    Roscoe ElCocko  a years ago +1

    He's happy as hell! Wish everyone could be this excited about their lives.

  • 6790 free
    6790 free  a years ago +1

    Y'all be safe! Will be watching on Periscope too. 😎

  • Mike W
    Mike W  a years ago

    Insured by Blueshed insurance company.

  • Colligan Crafts
    Colligan Crafts  a years ago +1


  • 1956Johnk
    1956Johnk  a years ago

    Nice update, but distracted driving. Watch out for cops who have not made their quota for the month.

  • DeerisSleepy
    DeerisSleepy  a years ago

    I turned 13 on this day (10-22-17)

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson  a years ago

    Be safe. ❤😀❤

  • Kreepy Krissy
    Kreepy Krissy  a years ago

    haha... isn't it the 21st? Hopefully it isn't that bad today. I'm glad I haven't put up all of my Halloween decor yet... Hope nothing happens here in Moore! Good luck today!

  • Ethan B
    Ethan B  a years ago

    Awesome, I hope it was a good day of chasing! And you were right with the forecast, that's where the tornado reports were centered.