Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
  • Former late night host and 9/11 first responders advocate Jon Stewart chokes up and slams Congress over health care for the 9/11 first responders during the hearing for reauthorizing the 9/11 victim compensation fund. #CNN #News


  • Dwayne Pinkney  4 days ago

    Jon Stewart might be the comedian, but Congress is the joke.

  • Arbi  5 hours ago

    Well said.

  • Chuck-U Farly  7 hours ago

    congress is rather a bad joke. Remember this is Mitch McConnell's republicon controlled senate that is doing nothing. And yes I know this is the House and my Congress man is there. It was McConnell that used this as a political football last time and will do it again this time. The House has passed well over 100 bills since January and McConnell has sat on them all.

  • Nevermore  2 days ago

    They should all have free healthcare for the rest of their lives. This shouldn't even be a discussion.

  • Keith Tee  5 hours ago

    Nevermore I’m for the most part anti socialist but national hero’s need to be taken care of!

  • George Moraitis  7 hours ago

    Jacquelyn Goad so technically it’s only the Cherokee ppl then lol

  • BaeCat  2 days ago

    Damn he really just walked in and yelled at everyone. They seem so uncomfortable, good.

  • The Centrist  14 hours ago

    They deserve worse words than that. These people really deserve to be put in their place, deep in the ground.

  • He is yelling primarily at the chamber members who aren't there. The majority of those on the council tbat day were people who likely support legislation that'd help these people.

  • That closing statement was so powerful it sent chills down my spine. God damn I love Jon Stewart.

  • Eric Riley  2 days ago

    "THAT'S YOUR JOB" ... hands down one of the best speeches ever heard.

  • jason  yesterday

    Eric Riley in my lifetime it Will be

  • thorer  4 days ago

    I don't care what political party you go for. This man is 100% American fighting for Americans.

  • Leo Lopez  58 minutes ago

    @Chad Ross W TF? is actually its real name. When it was born its parents said "WTF is this piece of this?"

  • TJ Sho  4 hours ago

    W TF? That’s because the people who saved your fucking useless life NEED more. You’re a fucking scumbag. Probably a pedophile too.

  • Gatecrasher  yesterday

    "18 years later, do yours." Damn, i got chills.

  • Blank Blanckersen  6 hours ago

    This speech needs to be remembered as one of the all-time greats, and that closing statement in particular.

  • Sheryl E  15 hours ago

    Me too

  • hello goodbye  2 days ago


  • Retard Alert  an hour ago

    Nobody cares on both sides of the spectrum. It's about money, money, money. Government is a joke and it always will be. Instead of blaming each other for the problems "Hey Republicans, you suck because you're greedy!" or "Hey Democrats, you're only benefiting a certain amount of people and not the whole entirety to benefit your agenda!"Instead of blaming each other for the problems, how about you stop dividing the country and come together to solve the problems that would benefit ...

  • Garrett Link  7 hours ago

    No shit!!

  • The 2.8K down votes are all Congress, lobbyists, or health insurance workers

  • Kyle Lawrence  18 minutes ago

    @francis chow all shills like you do is make unsupported claims about people to obfuscate their well supported arguments and further attempt to assign guilt by association by critiquing indirectly related shills like Colbert and Oliver.

  • Retard Alert  an hour ago

    @Alexander Martinez Yes blame fucking Trump. I can't solve the problem so *let me blame Trump*

  • Gabriel Croft  2 days ago

    This is the equivalent of Charlie Chaplin's 1940's Great Dictator speech He doesn't read from a single piece of paper or teleprompter- straight from the heart! God bless this man!!

  • Bulletsmichael  3 hours ago

    Agreed. It's beautiful. Chaplains speech is the most powerful one I've ever heard.

  • Chris Mora  yesterday

    This actually reminded me of Fred Rogers' (or Mister Rogers) addressing congress about securing federal funding (they were I think trying to reduce it by half) for public broadcasting. Two very different tones but still two people who were passionate about what it is they are fighting for. Both also were able to persuade congress. These two speeches are my favorites, because they're both just so moving for but different reasons.