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  • Published on:  Monday, June 3, 2019
  • The Sidemen take on the toughest strength test they've ever had to face, Who do you think is the strongest Sideman?Shaun Stafford: Athletic Gym: to our 2nd Channel: Clothing:● Miniminter:● Zerkaa:● Behzinga:● Vikkstar123:● TBJZL:● Wroetoshaw:● KSI:


  • George
    George  2 months ago +3359

    Toby: breathes
    Ethan: That low body fat

  • Helena Davoudi nia
    Helena Davoudi nia  1 months ago +1207

    KSI looked like a proud dad! He was honestly shocked😂😂

  • april00026000
    april00026000  1 months ago +4205

    Anyone else really proud of Vik? He's no longer the tiny little twink we once knew

  • Meena Means
    Meena Means  1 months ago +1821

    Harry : takes off shirt
    “IM A FRAUD”

  • Anshul Nimbalkar
    Anshul Nimbalkar  1 months ago +517

    its just like last year, Simon pussied out on the bench press and Vikk did better than him.

  • TGN 12
    TGN 12  14 days ago +310

    JJ finding out Harry isn't a little boy

  • Kaiipop
    Kaiipop  1 months ago +285

    The way they hype each other up is acc so wholesome

  • Luke's Life
    Luke's Life  1 months ago +580

    Toby had his arse up for the plank , makes it a lot easier

  • Cade Derrick
    Cade Derrick  14 days ago +58

    I’m low key impressed by how much they could all deadlift

  • Monki Donki
    Monki Donki  2 months ago +5288

    I like how Harry always dresses perfectly for the video

  • SwagGaming O_O
    SwagGaming O_O  14 days ago +94

    This vid was basically who is stronger ethan or jj

  • Kin Kin
    Kin Kin  1 months ago +33

    Vikks 100kg deadlift and after makes him look like he is ready to conquer the whole of india

  • Sacredly
    Sacredly  21 days ago +168

    Harry low key is one of the funniest men ever.

  • Chigozie Ilozue
    Chigozie Ilozue  7 days ago +65

    Zerkaa being called the oldest while simon is literally three days younger than him

  • Boda Deez
    Boda Deez  2 months ago +8953

    Annual Moo Off is what i’m hyped for.
    Like so they can see this.

  • Riley Johnson Vlogs
    Riley Johnson Vlogs  14 days ago +125

    16:27 i have never seen vikk look sooooo mad!!! that had me dead

  • Liam Games 9000
    Liam Games 9000  1 months ago +65

    Before the video
    Tobi,Josh,Vik,Simon and Ethan altogether
    Ethan: Let's all wear black and not tell JJ and Harry

  • BrownK1dd
    BrownK1dd  1 months ago +46

    18:06 JJ's face when Toby just lifts 140 like a boss

  • paul basco
    paul basco  5 hours ago

    JJ: Yo the Sidemen are strong!!!
    Simon: laughs nervously

  • Dizz
    Dizz  2 months ago +1592

    "That was a kilogram for every year he's been on the planet" - 1 of Vik's best quotes 😂 😂 😂