Tornado Alley

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 5, 2015


  • summer rose
    summer rose  3 days ago +1

    I'm always amazed at how people can be so brainless during a tornado. Lenore and her husband lived in a two story house that had a basement, yet they both stood at a window and filmed the tornado coming right at them instead of going down to the basement where they would be safe! What in the world were they thinking? " Nothing's going to happen, Wayne. Just keep filming and we'll sell it to the tv station." STUPID..STUPID..STUPID!

  • indy_go_blue60
    indy_go_blue60  4 days ago

    Me, I'm going to head to the nearest CT camera and hide behind it. They never seem to get hurt.

  • Olivia Prizeman
    Olivia Prizeman  5 days ago +2

    Why do tornadoes have to exist. god I hate them rip people

  • Olivia Prizeman
    Olivia Prizeman  5 days ago +1

    Man I would be scared. I’m so glad I live in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿!! Hope everyone is safe! Xxxxxxxx

  • SliicK RiicK
    SliicK RiicK  5 days ago

    Why didn't Wayne and his wife get in the car and drive away?

  • alexis apostolakis

    my advice to anyone living in tornado alley, move to austin. we get zero natural disasters

    edit: okay i know that everyone can’t move to austin but seriously tornado alley is such a dangerous place that i wish everyone could live somewhere safe

  • bugalaman
    bugalaman  7 days ago

    These people are idiots. It wasn't a typical weather day. The SPC put out a day 2 moderate risk and day 1 high risk. There were 3 PDS tornado watches issued. It was an extremely dangerous day, with plenty of advanced notice too. Zero excuse for saying you were caught off guard. Look at the weather forecast during storm season (hint: storm season runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31).

  • Linda Sanger
    Linda Sanger  7 days ago

    possessions are just stuff that do not matter

  • Linda Sanger
    Linda Sanger  7 days ago

    quit screaming and move it

  • Liam cool
    Liam cool  7 days ago +2

    Imagine you were in that, I live in tornado alley and I feel lucky I haven’t been hit by a tornado but I was by one.

  • Brad Martin
    Brad Martin  7 days ago


  • Halley Whitaker
    Halley Whitaker  14 days ago

    God protected them kids and staff at the school. No doubt about it

  • EeEeEeEeE
    EeEeEeEeE  21 days ago

    This is some good tornado porn

  • Martha Pardo
    Martha Pardo  21 days ago


  • Staticmations
    Staticmations  21 days ago

    School bus: Away from the tornado but the tornado is near the school
    Driver: Oh there's a tornado....LETS GO BACK TO SCHOOL
    Driver: Yeets kids back to school

  • Patti Brooks
    Patti Brooks  28 days ago

    Id like to be a storm chaser !

  • Mireya Martinez
    Mireya Martinez  28 days ago


  • patrick Zink
    patrick Zink  28 days ago

    How many times are u going to rebuild if u live in tornado alley get out of that area

  • Danni the Track Runner
    Danni the Track Runner  a months ago +1

    I'm watching this in a tornadoe watch!

  • gage harmon
    gage harmon  a months ago +2

    i miss when the weather channel was more than just live coverage