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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
  • JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: https://hellojuniper.com/channel/UCki...Why I am 2 breaths away from shaving my head: an essayIntro: I am going to shave my head because I hate my hair, my hair sucks, and I am exasperated with my hairPoint 1: I hate my hairPoint 2: My hair sucksPoint 3: I am exasperated with my hairConclusion: Therefore I want a bald headThank you for coming to my TED talkInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/ewww_its_jo...Twitter: https://twitter.com/tweet_joanaCameo: https://www.cameo.com/ewww_its_joanaP.O Box: Now closedIf you want to translate the video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_p...Current sub count: 2, 207, 533With love,Jashton Cutcher


  • Gene Pozniak
    Gene Pozniak  3 months ago +11354

    WTF was THAT?! 18.5 minutes of some princess nattering on at high speed (mercifully) about mostly what she had to eat that day and what she wore, and finally ONE MINUTE devoted to the really important AWARD thing. Maybe it's one of those anti-humor irony things, but that was WAY too much buildup for one obscure joke which I doubt the majority of subscribers could even get (judging by the comments). The fact that she has over 2 million subscribers is surely a sign of the END TIMES or at least a huge clue as to why Trump got elected President. :-0

  • Eliza Mrjn
    Eliza Mrjn  3 months ago +5953

    I'm highly jealous of her ability to articulate her thoughts in the most lengthiest , but entertaining , but pointless but still on point ways.

  • Winston Peldon
    Winston Peldon  2 months ago +3190

    Why does your mom look like exactly like you but super hip.

  • Libra Brooke
    Libra Brooke  2 months ago +1830

    the fact that she’d miss a broadway musical to do homework makes my soul crumble

  • Paige Kathryn
    Paige Kathryn  2 months ago +1902

    2:01 "The Rain Was Pouring Down On Us With The Same Ferocity As James Charles Subscriber Count Was Dropping"
    -Jesus Christ 2019
    Edit: 1k likes WUTTTTTT ❤

  • Anna Niewczas
    Anna Niewczas  2 months ago +626


  • LeahTheUnicorn Can’t fly
    LeahTheUnicorn Can’t fly  3 months ago +4364

    Joana burning James without the stove on

  • x stranger
    x stranger  2 months ago +359

    i love that joana likes her hate comments.
    what a gem.

  • Kate Sutton
    Kate Sutton  2 months ago +600

    At 11:14 your parents really didn't have to stunt so hard on us. Royalty

  • noiqueen
    noiqueen  2 months ago +152

    Probably one of the only youtubers that i can watch hella long videos from and make them feel like 2 minutes.

  • Amelia Goold
    Amelia Goold  2 months ago +309

    No one:
    Joanna: Golden hour is more like burn your retina hour

  • Annet
    Annet  3 months ago +2768

    The way she does her voice over / narrates is so interesting and u can tell she is smart, idk it makes me want to keep listening to her

  • Alice Berkley
    Alice Berkley  2 months ago +343

    John Cena: has hotel breakfast
    Me: Luckyyyyyyy
    Also John Cena: if you get excited about hotel breakfast, something is going on.
    Also me: ....

  • robyn.
    robyn.  2 months ago +368

    "if someone comes to attack me..."

  • CORBYN BESSON Limelight!
    CORBYN BESSON Limelight!  1 months ago +175

    I love how every single time that your mom sees that you have the camera on her she smiles BIG!!! Love her smile!
    Love ya, John Cena!

  • Princess Menguita
    Princess Menguita  1 months ago +49

    This is how many times joana mentioned james Charles

  • wasabisazzdafirst
    wasabisazzdafirst  3 months ago +4639

    I love how joana is famous on yt but still keeps it lowkey and still does her homework and goes to school aceing it like the absolute QUEEN that she is.

  • Aidan Slater
    Aidan Slater  2 months ago +128

    I subbed when I heard Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in the background

  • memewhore
    memewhore  1 months ago +38

    “Take that Nancy from 3rd grade.”

  • raspberry Animations
    raspberry Animations  1 months ago +82

    joana avacado
    some people say she loves avacado
    some people say she’s addicted to avacado
    some people say she is avacado