GOTTA SEE IT: Nathan MacKinnon Furious On Bench And Calls Out His Coach

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • Nathan MacKinnon was not a happy camper after his team gave up a late goal to the Flames, seemingly saying to his coach, “Do your job.”

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  • Matt Lerma
    Matt Lerma  8 days ago

    Ducks need to do this to Carlyle

  • Terror Knights
    Terror Knights  10 days ago

    Coaches are the worst. Wish they just had the captain call the shots

  • HockeyBar US
    HockeyBar US  10 days ago

    Imagine if Patrick Roy was still the Avalanche's coach...that might not have gone over well

  • Film.Moscow
    Film.Moscow  10 days ago

  • 200 subs no videos?
    200 subs no videos?  10 days ago +1

    0:10 ”its only game why u have to be mad”

  • breakaway2x
    breakaway2x  10 days ago +1

    MacKinnon is the man! Bednar and Nate are OK, don't worry about it. Avs are like the Oilers, they need better supporting cast. MacKinnon and his line can't do it all alone...eventually it catches up to you. MacKinnon for MVP.

  • GTripleG
    GTripleG  11 days ago

    He was mad cause hes the only one doing anything for the team. Everybody else sucks all of the sudden. Mackinnon should be the only all star going

  • MemoriesDestroyUs
    MemoriesDestroyUs  11 days ago

    Better than Winnipeg ? LOL sure

  • Kenny Cai
    Kenny Cai  11 days ago

    Somewhere out there, a Yinzer Penguins fan must be licking his/her chops.

  • Philip Rose
    Philip Rose  11 days ago

    The amount of shots the Av's are taking on goal compared to opposition in past 2 games & then losing is unheard of! They seem meek and confused on defense. One great , young scoring line but little else Very little help for the goalie but their goalies played well earlier in the year but now playing below average. I like the Avalanche but dont want to bother if they keep losing because of defensive lapses. Their record in overtime games, for some reason, is horrible.

  • Bret Swart
    Bret Swart  11 days ago

    Go flames go!

    HELLO WORLD  11 days ago

    Crybaby entitled ass 🙄

  • Brian Lock
    Brian Lock  11 days ago

    He mouthed F-ing job

  • big d
    big d  11 days ago

    We have unreal coaches in canada n on east coast i dont blame him for getting upset if coach isnt doing anything but watching

  • Kevin Gomez
    Kevin Gomez  12 days ago

    Nice role model for the kids dopey avalanche

  • Shayne Reimer
    Shayne Reimer  12 days ago

    Dont worry, Colorado will trash Montreal like 7 to 2 Saturday!

  • Carlos Ayala
    Carlos Ayala  12 days ago

    Get rid off both off them...!!
    Cancer to the organization...!!

  • JB 4
    JB 4  12 days ago

    For some reason I just died when he fell back while in the process of screaming at the coach 😂

  • Fred H
    Fred H  12 days ago

    This is what happens when the coach is payed less than the players.