Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at CEO 2018 - Nintendo Switch

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 4, 2018
  • Check out a couple of friendly matches from CEO 2018 featuring Nairo, Mr. R, and more! Plus, hear their impressions after going hands-on with a few matches!Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available 12/7! #SmashBrosUltimate #CEO2018Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! for all the latest! Nintendo on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on Pinterest:


  • Sol Anima Network  9 months ago

    Finally Smash Ultimate footage not recorded on a camera from the 19th century...

  • Fenix333  9 months ago

    Sol Anima Network gtfl Il8li8kll, un nonhumanIwasEmeeerr got o5

  • Brian Wallace  9 months ago

    I like to imagine that all their shirts have horribly lewd images

  • @Gustav Rider Dude, Rated M for Metroid XD

  • AeroBlaze777  9 months ago

    The fact that the announcer now says "CHARACTER Wins!" instead of "The winner is... CHARACTER!" is something I'll never get used to

  • Sebastian Tunaya  7 months ago

    AeroBlaze777 Aa

  • KoolaidDinkyTV  9 months ago

    I miss the 64 3. 2. 1. Goooo

  • Oskar  9 months ago

    Zero probably talked for like 20 mins but they had to cut it lmao

  • glenn forkin  9 months ago

    My man got cucked, cut off in his talk and didn't even get shown in gameplay

  • Reem Al Bannai  9 months ago

    Haha I like Zero he's funny

  • GrainOfSalt  9 months ago

    0:02 that dude casually worshipping the Smash Bros LogoEDIT: yes I know its ZeRo so stop telling me

  • Nico The scout  9 months ago

    Papa zero/ greatest smash player in my opinion/ winner of the invitational

  • Cold_ Soup  9 months ago

    I would as well

  • They had porn on their shirts.

  • IrfyNinJa  9 months ago

    Luke Hatake  luh mow leddit fren

  • Hylian Luke  9 months ago

    TessellatedGuy r/wooosh

  • Apollo 47  9 months ago

    "This game combines all the best elements from previous games,"*Trips*

  • yandere waifu  9 months ago

    *he said best*

  • Marioman2017  9 months ago


  • Puftendo  9 months ago

    We hope everyone in Japan is okay and recovering well from the earthquake!!! 👊🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hylian Luke  9 months ago

    Stop with emojis please

  • Puftendo  9 months ago

    TortureCulture Preach it👊🏼🙌

  • Casen Doody  9 months ago

    3:27 there's a Waluigi plush on the floor in the left side of the screen

  • Lifa Dysi  7 months ago

    @Patrick Notstar For our sins.

  • Manuelthekid  7 months ago

    They probably did that on purpose

  • 5Xeno  9 months ago

    I like how companies, hats, and even celebrities were censored. Lol.

  • Meester Tweester  9 months ago

    They don’t want to promote products or people unless they’ve got a contract for that specific video

  • laserbeamlightning  9 months ago

    Is Smash Ultimate as good as Tentacle Hentai though? I guess now we know.