What Past Predictions of the Future Got Right

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
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    What Past Predictions of the Future Got Right – Second Thought

    We've always had a thing for trying to predict the future. In this video, we take a look at some of the more reasonable predictions people have made since the 1920s.

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  • Kolia Stevanovich
    Kolia Stevanovich  2 hours ago

    I asked my dad, who grew up in the Soviet Union, how did he predict the future, he said
    "Basically how it looks now. But I never could've guessed, that we would carry the knowledge of the world in our pockets at that TV would be so thin"

  • Noble Spades
    Noble Spades  4 hours ago

    1960: We will have flying cars in the future!

    2019: cyberpunk 2077 TESLA pick up truck

  • Syafiq Musa
    Syafiq Musa  6 hours ago

    Past statement of the future got right = QURAN

  • Random Guy32
    Random Guy32  8 hours ago

    We failed

  • Cghfh DGFshfhd
    Cghfh DGFshfhd  14 hours ago

    Cyber truck be like

  • Aaron
    Aaron  15 hours ago

    Very accurate. As the clips proceed, the people become isolated, only interacting with devices.

  • John Kincaid
    John Kincaid  18 hours ago

    More or "less" correct on the scantily clad women of tomorrow, which essentially is (nude) today if she wishes.

  • Jean Meslier
    Jean Meslier  yesterday

    Did anyone notice the guy at the end with the pipe? It was thought that the pipe gave the demonstrator a cachet of maturity and with sound judgement.

  • mark carey
    mark carey  yesterday

    This turns into an ad. Too bad.

  • Preston Boggs
    Preston Boggs  yesterday

    The future looks so isolated and depressing🤣

  • Shamsul Arifeen Shovon Malik

    3:20 which movie?

  • Christavie
    Christavie  yesterday

    They were literally reaching for the stars with what fashion would be like today 😂

  • Skygge
    Skygge  2 days ago

    While hey they did get auto pilot right we do have that or at least sort of

  • Phoneix Future Soul 1000000000

    Predictions of the future from the past are kinda cute!

  • Christopher Cory
    Christopher Cory  2 days ago

    Who forgot "the jetson" cartoons....
    They have stuff that should be on game "fa1lout" 📺....

  • prakhar gupta
    prakhar gupta  2 days ago

    2019-Tesla cybertruck

  • Bara Wawi
    Bara Wawi  4 days ago

    The commercial at the end killedme hahahaha

    DELARO  4 days ago

    5:46 Internet :0

  • Dermotius
    Dermotius  4 days ago +1

    That ad is actual sex

  • tyler forde
    tyler forde  4 days ago

    We won't be able to get her out of the kitchen!!!

    Oh, the good ol days. 😉