Being a PC System Builder is EASY MONEY... right?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017
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    What does it take to be a high-end system builder these days?

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  • Andy Flagg
    Andy Flagg  7 days ago

    pretty good video and showcase of a computer builder and company.

  • Owowkiller
    Owowkiller  7 days ago

    so i go to their website and look at the "Deluge A2" build with an rtx 2080... they charge $3217.19... I put the EXACT same parts into PC Part picker and the total only comes out to $1882.86.... They're almost doubling the price of these builds, which are ugly as hell... Just to make a profit off of people who dont want to build it themselves... smh.

  • thenintendopug AndSegaPug


  • Silverbreaker
    Silverbreaker  14 days ago

    Linus Sebastian, what an advertisement actor - next step is to sell cars

  • TheAnon03
    TheAnon03  21 days ago

    Hope you weren't knocking Noctua fans at 3:56

  • brandon valera
    brandon valera  21 days ago

    nope its never been easy...

  • Team Compurepo
    Team Compurepo  21 days ago

    didnt know that luke was working there... "as a stand in" Did you recrute him there lol...??

  • RdL
    RdL  21 days ago

    gotta give it to linus, where ever he goes on a techy trip, he is always so knowledgable about the stuff he is at.

  • Anym
    Anym  21 days ago

    Been a pc builder for 6 months at a company at an internship. I actually got told to work faster and less check details to get the PCs out the door (before [x] time ordered, next day delivery). They legit used zipties to tie the PCI cable to the 24pin in order to keep it suspended. And sometimes even white zipties

  • Kevin Dammers
    Kevin Dammers  1 months ago

    2.49. X marks the spot

  • DoctorShroom
    DoctorShroom  1 months ago

    Huh, nice.

  • FA s1mple
    FA s1mple  1 months ago

    I literally did exactly what he described at the beginning and then they recommended this lol

  • Gnatz Parker
    Gnatz Parker  1 months ago

    Luke Photo bombing it all.

  • Rob videos
    Rob videos  1 months ago

    Its very easy money if your more than happy to scam people. If you want to give people the best part's/service it is dam hard to make it.

  • Dovahninja
    Dovahninja  1 months ago

    0:39 - 0:47 I can appreciate a good animated opening, that was very well done.

  • chris stllar
    chris stllar  1 months ago

    I love that RuneScape reference

  • LOoOn ARTs
    LOoOn ARTs  1 months ago

    Good point with "throw in a quad core" why care about a 2600x at this time, when the 3200G performance about the same in single to quad core for quite some less money. So safe some bugs to spent on better graphics, go for the 3200G instead (less power consumption as well) and wait until it´s bigger brothers get cheaper next year or the year after, when new gens arrived.

  • nick j
    nick j  1 months ago

    Linus sold separately

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7  1 months ago

    These guys seem SUPER cool! I definitely want to check them out! Thanks so much for this vid, Linus!

  • Mar24
    Mar24  1 months ago +1

    7:10 finally a good solution for gpus sagging