George R.R. Martin Answers Facebook Fans' Questions

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 12, 2012
  • Amazon speaks with the hugely popular author of the epic fantasy series, "A Song of Ice and Fire" (including "Game of Thrones"). Martin was selected as one of Time magazine's "most influential people in the world." Time called him the "American Tolkien." He answers questions submitted by Amazon Books Facebook fans (back in the summer of 2011).


  • Elis Lee
    Elis Lee  2 days ago


  • 사신Raptron666
    사신Raptron666  5 days ago

    bruh this nigga is 60 and fat af how does he plan to complete the ASOIF series as well as write more books

  • Alana Pulsz Neves
    Alana Pulsz Neves  14 days ago

    I think Euron is pure evil.

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas  21 days ago +2

    I'm glad I got to be alive at the same time in history as this man.
    I've been reading since 2002 and waiting for the last books has given me something to look forward to all these years.

  • LynxEng
    LynxEng  1 months ago +3

    he writes great books and gives the shitest interviews ever. Fuck off

  • khaleesi xc
    khaleesi xc  1 months ago

    This man is a fucking legend!!

  • Ebaye Ould Brahim
    Ebaye Ould Brahim  1 months ago

    A great man.
    I admire his imagination, Game of thrones a rare creation ever done and will be for a long time the most inspiring book in our 21th century.
    Thank u George R R Martian.

  • Angad Singh
    Angad Singh  1 months ago

    wait is it really damp-hair? Or was that sarcasm?

  • Shadowpuppet N.N
    Shadowpuppet N.N  1 months ago

    "I believe that everyone of us have angels in us, and everyone has monsters in us, the question is the decisions we make"

  • 97epicman
    97epicman  1 months ago

    Omg please yes do a sequel to Fevre Dream!!!

  • 사신Raptron666
    사신Raptron666  2 months ago

    i really think the has the books ready maybe the last one is not fully complete yet but i have a hinche he was waiting for the shows to end and prequel etc and all his other projects to finish like the new game he is helping make etc then he will release the last books

  • 사신Raptron666
    사신Raptron666  2 months ago

    i dont think he would alot of fans keep saying that he will die before he finishes the books but no i have a hinche that he wont die for a long while

  • Dylan De La Pena
    Dylan De La Pena  2 months ago

    "We'll do it again next book" and here we still are in 2019 :'(

  • The Voe
    The Voe  2 months ago

    "Ugh, these are always death"

  • Notorious
    Notorious  2 months ago +3

    When sjws think George is making woman strong because he is also an sjw? Yeah right George makes them that way be he sees them as humans and human can be strong and we r all complex he doesn't do it for a political agenda like say Disney no he does it because it makes his story feel more realistic and complex

  • Notorious
    Notorious  2 months ago +1

    8 years later and still no winds of winter😭😭😭

  • Ulwurmhafen TV
    Ulwurmhafen TV  2 months ago +1

    "There is no character that is wholly good"
    Brienne: Am I a joke to you?

  • Fire And Blood - Free Fire

    GRRM will live to his 100's just like Maester Aemon!

  • Kekit Plebbitstan
    Kekit Plebbitstan  3 months ago

    Jons mom is Lyanna Stark.

  • Daniel Shuter
    Daniel Shuter  3 months ago +1

    Ih Daniel word like game thrones some time in films but or books by cave as well just George RR Martin vary him gaudy aater trying in films and books just good to reaching vary good so vary good George guart ice free so much well done big think you George what done vary good from Daniel