Champions League Recap: Ajax 3-3 Bayern Munich Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 12, 2018
  • Full highlights from an extraordinary game in Amsterdam where both teams were fighting for top spot in the group as they head for the last 16 of the Champions League.


  • Tiekje
    Tiekje  8 months ago +1058

    This game had it all, goals, 2 red cards, penalties, karate kick, a lil ‘fight’ and blood. This is why we watch UCL

  • Heroic
    Heroic  8 months ago +435

    And he thing is, ref was spot on with those calls so there’s really no arguing that he’s been too harsh

  • Tiekje
    Tiekje  8 months ago +621

    Some great saves again by onana, what a goalie

  • Muhtashim Khan
    Muhtashim Khan  8 months ago +645

    "Well, I wanna put down the microphone and applause. Because it has been a wonderful evening of Champions League Football."
    - Commentator
    Same, WHAT A MATCH.

  • arsenal fan17
    arsenal fan17  8 months ago +364

    Ajax are the dark horses of the UCL.

  • Brendan Gleason
    Brendan Gleason  8 months ago +311

    As a Bayern fan, watching the rapid decline of once great players like Boateng and Neuer is just so sad and frustrating

  • joe kariba
    joe kariba  8 months ago +419

    Wtf i left the game 1-1 at 76'

  • HD TV
    HD TV  8 months ago +186

    Ajax are one hell of a team to beat... They just NEVER GIVE UP!

  • Sanjog K.
    Sanjog K.  8 months ago +72

    Can't believe I missed this match for a stupid Real Madrid match.

  • Hinoob Tushie
    Hinoob Tushie  8 months ago +41

    This referee was fair and had the eye of an eagle he made no mistake

  • OG
    OG  8 months ago +189

    That referee is a savage. He gave 2 red cards and 2 penalties in just one game🔥🔥🔥

  • Ryan Kanungo
    Ryan Kanungo  8 months ago +96

    That's his name!
    That's his name!
    Ajax's savior!

  • osu5inarow
    osu5inarow  8 months ago +73

    Kovac was ready to call the mafia on that tackle.

  • Arash Ebadtabrizi
    Arash Ebadtabrizi  8 months ago +31

    Without out that goalie it would have been 5-3

  • Jack Coppa
    Jack Coppa  3 months ago +9

    Crazy things in this match …
    2:33 !!!
    Thank me later fellow fans. 😇

  • BayMunCLl
    BayMunCLl  8 months ago +48

    The king Coman is back. Good match for Lewandowski

  • Mike Paquette
    Mike Paquette  8 months ago +12

    Referee did a fantastic job made a lot of pivotal calls

  • Joshua Navarro
    Joshua Navarro  8 months ago +12

    Not a Bayern fan but Lewandowski will always be one of my favorite players

  • Chris Paquet
    Chris Paquet  8 months ago +36

    Did anybody see the look away pass by the ajax player at 1:22

  • Un Philo
    Un Philo  8 months ago +38

    very nice football! two great teams!