My Mercedes ML55 was STOLEN by a Really Stupid Thief.

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 19, 2017
  • News story was on 5/13/17. Not sure what I was thinking...

    Read more about how I went to extreme lengths to get my Mercedes back in my article here:


  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage  2 years ago +3716

    So obviously the news report was 5/13/17. Sorry. Made this on 2-3 hours of sleep for almost a week straight.

  • alexw2k3
    alexw2k3  yesterday

    “dads new toy.” what a fuckin joke😂

  • HX3 EN/FR
    HX3 EN/FR  yesterday

    People are so dumb

  • Miguel Sandoval
    Miguel Sandoval  yesterday +1

    Hope you filed a insurance claim against the company. Their commercial insurance should have covered the theft.

  • Bry Bry madness
    Bry Bry madness  2 days ago

    At least the theif is kinda making you money

  • Ted Striker
    Ted Striker  3 days ago +1

    The detail shop was totally irresponsible. He leaves a car unattended, running with the keys in it. Totally inviting theft. I'd make him pay for every last scratch, broken part and anything that's missing. If he wants to leave cars running to dry them out, he should put a heavy duty chain across the back and front of the car with a very heavy padlock on each chain. And that chain should be one that's about all he could lift. Like a ships anchor chain. BTW, find another detailer. You don't want to do business with stupid people, they will eventually cause other problems.

  • B Unit
    B Unit  6 days ago


  • Matthew Caughey
    Matthew Caughey  7 days ago

    They quit chasing? They never quit chasing I thought police were all about relentless pursuit

  • Soup Channel
    Soup Channel  7 days ago

    13:57 u gotta fire ur operator

  • Valerie Coulon
    Valerie Coulon  7 days ago

    I'm sorry for you

  • Cole Kuberg
    Cole Kuberg  7 days ago


    DBG MHE  7 days ago

    Only In wichita😂

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth  7 days ago +1

    Karma is a bitch! 🤣

  • FeetuBer GT
    FeetuBer GT  7 days ago

    Why The fuck they did stole one damn car

  • Reavere
    Reavere  7 days ago +2

    Imagine how much help you would get if you weren't famous. Probably very little

  • odysseusnissan
    odysseusnissan  14 days ago

    The title is misleading because you didn't catch the thief. I hope the cops followed up with the blurred out "suspects". Fuck them! Why blur em?

  • Reggie Anderson
    Reggie Anderson  14 days ago +32

    Good thing it wasn’t the DeLorean. During that high speed chase the thief could have went back to 1985. Once the car reached 88 mph.

  • GAME 55
    GAME 55  14 days ago

    Son of a b*tch f*cked the car up.

  • Not Hitler
    Not Hitler  14 days ago

    Original and factory shiny shiny paint. What a shame.

  • Not Hitler
    Not Hitler  14 days ago

    Wow. Hoovie was devistated. Obviously.