My Mercedes ML55 was STOLEN by a Really Stupid Thief.

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 19, 2017
  • News story was on 5/13/17. Not sure what I was thinking...Read more about how I went to extreme lengths to get my Mercedes back in my article here:


  • Hoovies Garage  2 years ago

    So obviously the news report was 5/13/17. Sorry. Made this on 2-3 hours of sleep for almost a week straight.

  • @Essam Allawi nah, if someone steals your car, it's on the thief. The detail shop could fix the damages, paid for by the thiefBut hey, this video is form 2 years ago.

  • Mike Bryden  11 days ago

    "cheaper car" just liability. What do you usually drive good sir

  • JP B  2 years ago

    Get a manual That's the best anti-theft method in the USA

  • Nathan Skinner  10 hours ago

    Truth, 96 subaru outback nobody wants to steal because it is a 5 speed.

  • Universal Link  21 hours ago

    Toaster I knew how to drive a manual from 16.

  • Mac10Shoter  5 months ago

    never seen a youtuber get a cop to film haha nice

  • Zxle  18 days ago

    Mac10Shoter question why haven’t you uploaded in 7 years

  • FERRET GUY  1 months ago

    @Juan Mendez He meant the officer holding the camera.

  • TellYouWhat 95  3 months ago

    howd the dude not get caught. he posted a pic of himself with it

  • Nyx Xyn as I stated the person or victim would play dumb, they aren’t gonna say HEY ITS STOLEN TAKE IT. Their gonna say, oh I got it off someone there’s ZERO proof they stole it.

  • Elijah Eck my point exactly

  • Sander Tel  3 months ago

    Oh front end damage, well luckily you got a very reliable detailer right ??

  • Zart  3 months ago

    How does that detailing shop not have a camera?

  • Tony Bone  5 days ago

    Person Personperson he does the shop stole the car

  • Evade Rose  9 days ago

    @Person Personperson it actually does

  • GTI guy  9 months ago

    2:40 “I don’t think they could do a new paint job that fast.”clearly you’ve never heard of Pay ‘n’ spray

  • Alexandru  11 days ago

    noo, the nostalgia is too great= ))

  • No Name N  17 days ago

    Man i paint my car like in 3 to 5 second. . . I just put in the paint garage, it closes the door and after few seconds , a new paint and a New engine is installed . .

  • Pdubs 706  1 months ago

    "I will find you and do absolutely nothing because I am a total coward! "Haha....well said man!

  • Th3_ UnKn0wN  10 days ago

    I know this Comment is late, but id be Switching Shops after that, Sounds a Bit Fishy!

  • captbad  2 months ago

    That's pretty low steal a car, then trash it on purpose. typical.

  • Shit meme  1 months ago

    Thieft destroyed the ignition on our brand 2005 Mazda 3 Mazdaspeed back in 2005, they broke the dashboard for taking off the GPS so the cops don’t find the car and we never seen the car again.