How Toys 'R' Us Went Bankrupt | WSJ

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • For decades, Toys "R" Us was not only one of the top toy retailers in the United States, it was one of the top retailers period. Until it suddenly wasn’t. Toys “R” filed for bankruptcy in 2017 and liquidated six months later. This is the story of how Toys "R" Us went bankrupt.

    Illustration: Carter McCall/The Wall Street Journal.

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  • Stewart Boyle
    Stewart Boyle  an hour ago

    It was too expensive.

  • Cute Oppa
    Cute Oppa  8 hours ago

    Michael Jackson once spent 100 thousand at Toys R Us

  • Cute Oppa
    Cute Oppa  8 hours ago

    Charles Lazarus retired in 94,by 98(4 years)they were losing money

    VEXTREX  yesterday

    I went to toys R us 2 days before it shutdown spoiler alert

    There was only about 27 toys the rest was just empty shelves

    TBE SOTO  yesterday

    Kids don’t really play with toys anymore

  • Naomi aahh
    Naomi aahh  yesterday

    I loved working at Toys R Us. It was a Multi Level store in a Mall. The rent for the store was so expensive at almost 25k a month. When they were talking about closing the stores they would tell us (employees) that we could switch to another stand alone store, come to the new establishment that is being built or take severance. Little did any of us know that if we chose anything other than severance we would be left high and dry without a job with no word because the other stores were closing and the "New Establishment" was in fact not being built. Luckily at that time I was 3 months away from giving birth and needed the severance so I didn't choose to continue working with them more. This was late 2013 to early 2014 when they gave us the "Decision" to make.
    In all honesty though, I really did like working there. You could just be a big kid and talk about the toys with people. Seeing all the kids eyes light up when they first walk in the doors was probably the best part of the job. 😄

  • Lobster Johnson

    Kawawa naman si Toys R Us :(

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith  yesterday

    Sad really.

  • kcimb
    kcimb  yesterday

    Support planned parenthood, kill your future customers, go out of business.

  • TheWahyoes
    TheWahyoes  2 days ago

    Chinese toys R cheaper

  • My Name is Gladiator

    Amazon. That's how.

  • hateUmankind
    hateUmankind  3 days ago

    Toys 'R' Us still Around they just closing Down they Store National & I Stop Going Their Cause over Price on Figure that Why I Shop Online

  • Gabe The Gaming Meme

    It’s still open here at Nova Scotia which is at canada

  • crb4059
    crb4059  3 days ago

    For all intents and purposes, TRU began its descent almost immediately after Charles Lazarus, the founder, retired from the co around 1994, its been a slow and then rapid decline in the closing years. Like Kmart, peaking around the mid to late 80's, began a slow inexorable decline . Amazingly kmart stores stores are still open, a tiny shadow of their formers selves.

  • C T
    C T  4 days ago

    I hate Amazon with a passion, My wife is a Prime member..whatevs.
    But ToysRus was sooo expensive.. I only took my kid there because it was the closest experience to Disney she could get..
    Of course just like Pier1imports= you could get by if you shop clearance or a sale
    but screw that,,the regular prices we're too much. Esp once diversity of the 90's kicked in.
    aka no just for Sububia…
    on 1 hand I blame toysRus on the other I blame ghetto Walmart & Amazon..
    Life is not better post ToysRus...

  • リア Leah Rhodes
    リア Leah Rhodes  4 days ago +1

    Toys r us was super expensive lol

  • charlie garcia
    charlie garcia  4 days ago


    Save money live better Walmart

  • Djstratton1127
    Djstratton1127  4 days ago

    Man I should just bought some toys and donated them

  • Ultra
    Ultra  4 days ago +1

    I wasnt a kid in the 80/90 but i remember as kid toys r us was expensive...

  • DanteOfMJisBack
    DanteOfMJisBack  4 days ago

    Sorry to have seen them go!