Alexander Ovechkin Involved In Controversial End To Rangers And Capitals Shootout

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 3, 2019
  • Watch the full shootout between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals which ends in some controversy with Alex Ovechkin as the final shooter. ---------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Sportsnet on YouTube - for more sports news and highlights - Follow Sportsnet on Facebook - Sportsnet on Twitter - Sportsnet on Instagram - Sportsnet on Snapchat - Sportsnet on Sportsnet Now -


  • Boston B 96  3 months ago

    Glad the league took the power away from its incompetent refs and overruled them for once. Clearly a thrown stick.

  • Max *X*  14 days ago

    @9/11 falseflag done by Bush, Rumsfeld and the CIA thats still a thrown stick

  • St1ck Mast3r  22 days ago

    Could anyone have even imagined how POed they got at headquarters after that call.Btw, I’m also a Bruins fan, glad they’re in the finals. WE WANT THE CUP!

  • Davey Givens  3 months ago

    Toronto: "Geez...get these idiots on the phone please."

  • Googlar  2 months ago

    Yeah, they keep it in Toronto because that's where the most psychic hockey energy is concentrated because of all the insane Canadian hockey fans who live there, it adds more power to their ability to review the plays.

  • Bose  2 months ago

    @CD Smith You are the king of sarcasm and I need to learn from you thanks for the good laugh.

  • RiotnRespect  3 months ago

    Whether it slipped out of his hand or he threw it, it’s still a goal.

  • Jake Solly  3 months ago

    When you give the customer wrong information and your boss bails you out

  • Kreamy Kyle  3 months ago

    I like how the crowd goes nuts when they think Oshie was stopped...A few seconds later *Cricket Cricket*

  • Michael Cross  2 months ago

    I could tell it went in immediately, but that's because I'm a blues fan and have seen Oshie do quite a few penalty shots. Quick release five hole from mid distance is his signature move, surprised goalies don't already know that's what he goes for 90% of the time

  • Austin Knops  3 months ago

    Tj Oshie is sooo good at shootouts probably one of the if not the best in the league when it comes to shootouts

  • Matthew Barry  3 months ago

    Im surprised Toronto had to call in on that.

  • Arinerm  3 months ago

    @MillardFillmore -- I'm always amused by people who've never done anything meaningful in life when they ask, "How many … have you … ?" Thank you for amusing me today.

  • MillardFillmore  3 months ago

    @Arinerm How many games have you officiated? Never mind. We all know it's zero. The angles on the ice are completely different than the cameras; each official has something else to look at; and only the one referee has to be distracted to miss what you, hundreds to thousands of miles away, think you saw clearly the first time. The only problem with that is you had NO IDEA what happened until you saw the replay.

  • fumasterchu12  3 months ago

    Gr8!! I don't see the controversy, he clearly threw his stick/and the game!

  • Twan Lange  2 months ago

    Александр Король I agreed with you up until the last sentence. Now you just sound like an imbecile with zero knowledge of English grammar

  • damien kehler  3 months ago

    @Александр Король Man, youre such a tool.

  • Steve V  3 months ago

    Wait, where was the controvesy? Gorg clearly threw his stick, it's not anyone's fault the refs don't know the rules.

  • Joe Venuti  2 months ago

    Absolutely correct. Just another youtube video with a ridiculous title to get your attention.

  • Ed Murphy  2 months ago

    @Brandon Brewer the NHL refs are not the best. They all officiate differently and with the exception of the strike all other sports enforce the rules the same. Hockey is the exception and all because of the worst officials in any sport.

  • Dugza Milza  3 months ago

    Never seen this before but it was text book goal award.  Awarded goal per Rule 25:25.4 Infractions – During the Course of a Penalty Shot – A goal will be awarded when a goalkeeper attempts to stop a penalty shot by throwing his stick or any other object at the player taking the shot or by dislodging the goal (either deliberately or accidentally) (see Rule 63.6)

  • Jin Kisaragi  5 days ago

    @Marc Brunengraber speak for yourself.

  • I want to believe  2 months ago

    No question it was a goal by the rule book. It’s amazing it took the refs that long to figure it out.....

  • Sebastien  3 months ago

    These refs should re-read the rulebook, they seem to have missed a few pages.

  • stricker1eagle500  3 months ago

    @Puckman637 "The NHL refs have *forgotten* more about the rules than you have ever known." very next sentence: "I would be willing to bet most of them can quote rule numbers and recite verbatim the rules that are referenced." hypocrite much?also they get plenty of _bad_ calls everyday.

  • Sync  3 months ago

    The refs accidentally read an ikea instructions manual instead