Alexander Ovechkin Involved In Controversial End To Rangers And Capitals Shootout

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 3, 2019
  • Watch the full shootout between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals which ends in some controversy with Alex Ovechkin as the final shooter.


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  • Edward Rose
    Edward Rose  5 days ago

    This season is the worsted officiated season by officials i 20 years and second in 31 years back since 89 flames

  • Andy An
    Andy An  21 days ago

    I love how ovi just goes like “yup that’s all meee”

  • Михаил Евгеньевич

    Ну и ебола этот Георгиев,только хуже сделал,Алекс мог и промахнутся, и тогда синие могли бы выиграть!!! Одним словом ТУПОРЫЛЫЙ георгиев!!!

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams  1 months ago +1

    GOAL!!!! NO DOUBT!!!!! CUP×2!!!!!! 2020!!!!!!! 😛😁😃!!!!!!!! 😉

  • Maria Reed
    Maria Reed  1 months ago


  • Adam Moreira
    Adam Moreira  1 months ago

    What could the on-ice officials have possibly been explaining to Todd Reirden before the Situation Room in Toronto buzzed down?

  • Waldemar Xxx
    Waldemar Xxx  1 months ago

    Судья решил корректно, без вопросов, однозначно нельзя кидаться клюшками в другой амуницией,кроме шайбы.

  • Joshua Crandall
    Joshua Crandall  1 months ago

    He tried throwing a poke check and the stick extended farther than he wanted to, this was not intentional at all

  • Max Gregory
    Max Gregory  1 months ago

    “You don’t need teeth to score goals” lol

  • Maryann M
    Maryann M  1 months ago

    Rap didn’t go in

  • Mr. PotatoHead
    Mr. PotatoHead  2 months ago

    Noel Accari...

  • Erik W
    Erik W  2 months ago

    Hardly controversial. But that wouldn't help with the clicks now would it

  • David Wadsworth
    David Wadsworth  2 months ago

    I ma a Ranger fan and I dis agree with this talk that the team lacks direction. Last place is most definitely a direction.Who's next in line to coach,Scott Sandelin from Minnesota Duluth? Or Jerry York from Boston College, maybe Herbs ghost, we are proudly following the Met's path to winning.Even the Football Giant's are on this failure train.

  • Jeff Fronczak
    Jeff Fronczak  2 months ago

    ovechine is a crybaby

  • Kevin VS
    Kevin VS  2 months ago

    What’s controversial is when this happened to the Canucks like a week or two later and they called it a save

  • Owen Schaber
    Owen Schaber  2 months ago +1

    I was watching this live and I was like “ I have never seen an nhl goalie actually throw their stick"

  • sophia ryan
    sophia ryan  2 months ago

    Great job ref

  • sophia ryan
    sophia ryan  2 months ago +1


  • Aaron Sawich
    Aaron Sawich  2 months ago

    Refs must be Rangers fans.

  • Blake Gross
    Blake Gross  2 months ago

    5:03 accidentally on purpose?