The Struts - In Love With A Camera (lyric video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 4, 2019
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  • Kherstein
    Kherstein  4 months ago +561

    Queen: I'm in love with my car
    The struts: I'm in love with a camera

  • Brankelo
    Brankelo  4 months ago +546

    Greta Van Fleet, The Struts, Dorothy, Rival Sons, Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown and The Lemon Twigs.
    Rock N Roll is coming back to the mainstrean... Just wait...

  • Lais H
    Lais H  4 months ago +279

    as a photographer THAT'S MY FAVORITE SONG

  • M. J
    M. J  4 months ago +119

    Am I the only one that founds Luke so attractive???!! 👀

  • b x n n y
    b x n n y  4 months ago +71

    Clean video, clean intention, no drugs, no sex, and a beautiful lyric. I love this band.

  • Alexander Loves Women
    Alexander Loves Women  4 months ago +134

    You guys make deity-level music. Can't believe you aren't A-list celebrities. Also, kudos to the director of this video. So satisfying to watch.

  • RandomHuman 101
    RandomHuman 101  4 months ago +112

    Yes!!! I clicked the second I saw the notification ❤️❤️ I can’t wait to see you guys this summer!! I love you guys 🤘🏻❤️

  • S C
    S C  2 months ago +26

    “Girl when you love yourself, and don’t want nobody else” got me smiling all day when I listen to this

  • The Cranberries
    The Cranberries  4 months ago +64

    BR aqui curtindo The Struts 🤘🎸❤️🇧🇷😜

  • Diego Salvador
    Diego Salvador  4 months ago +80

    The video suits the song so well, makes me wanna strut! Love your music guys!! I can really see you become legendary, keep it going baby!

  • Indy
    Indy  4 months ago +60

    She's in love with the camera... I'm in love with this band!❤
    Thank you for saving Glam Rock!🙏

  • Campbell King
    Campbell King  4 months ago +57

    His swagger and the band’s energy makes this all so perfect! ❤️ we knew that Laura would be in it too. ❤️

  • José Ludeña
    José Ludeña  4 months ago +31

    this glam-rock band rules again!!!

    CINDY KAMINAKA  4 months ago +25

    I love it!!! Its as much fun as a Struts concert. Go Struts! P.S. Laura Cartier is our hero girl!!!

  • bébère 77
    bébère 77  4 months ago +24

    When I discovered The Struts 5 years ago I imediately fell in love with them and I already knew they were not only fantastic but also had a very high potential...still my favorite band. Unwards and upwards guys !!!

  • Antonio
    Antonio  4 months ago +42


  • Alexander Loves Women
    Alexander Loves Women  4 months ago +35

    1:52 VERSUS 1:54 Does anyone else notice that Luke Spiller's hair seems to change lengths throughout the video?

  • bruna scott
    bruna scott  4 months ago +32

    Oh god I love this band more than my heart can take it

  • Johnny Lynn
    Johnny Lynn  4 months ago +20

    This band will be big... BIG big!!!

  • Eva T-Yan
    Eva T-Yan  4 months ago +28

    OMG, they are so underrated!!!