CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 2)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 21, 2019
  • Glad you guys enjoyed the first part. These are really easy to make, so if you want more let me know! Already got some future compilations planned out. So happy my videos are getting the views they're getting.Part 1: None of these clips are my own, I am not seeking monetization, purely intended for entertainment and (hopefully) getting people into golf


  • paxton  3 months ago

    u played the thumbnail as the first video. i love you for that.

  • blueeagle24  2 months ago

    So much respect earned a like

  • Hichoon Lee  2 months ago

    SSR Clan snooker

  • KILLTEEE JR  3 months ago

    I subscribed because the thumbnail was the first video

  • Mary Dwire  1 months ago


  • LordGandor3  1 months ago

    Remote controlled golf balls are so cool & the PGA allows them. You thought those guys were just really talented putters didn't you ?

  • First video is the one pictured in the thumbnail? Is this real life?

  • Sheepie Jeebies  27 days ago

    Tony Stark needs Oxygen Mama, just killed a man

  • Gunslinger 256 Any way the wind πŸ’¨ blows doesn’t really matter to meeeeeee

  • Henners Penners  3 months ago

    Gotta give him credit for having the thumbnale picture the first clip shown

  • Michael Reda  2 months ago

    You spelled β€˜nail’ wrong

  • Kebert Xela  2 months ago

    I was disappointed in the reaction. That putt was more impressive than most holes in one.

  • Rakib Amin  2 months ago

    Came for the thumbnail. Stayed for the honesty.

  • Thought it was a clickbait. I was wrong.

  • Kroban3  2 months ago

    Sawat dee krap!

  • Renzus 23  3 months ago

    0:27 they sounded just like the wii sports audience. great video btw

  • AndyFtw17  2 months ago


  • Dr Head Stash  3 months ago

    Where do you think they got the sound track

  • Bulmer  3 months ago

    Thumbnail in the first video? Quality content throughout? Sub well and truly earnt. Keep them coming man!

  • Gus Lascola  2 months ago


  • 0:25 was a lot like Wii Sports lol

  • MarMax Gaming  2 months ago

    Matt From Wii Sports haha so true! And you have the name for it.

  • CRUSTYDOGTAINT  2 months ago

    This is one of my favorite comments ever

  • Peter John Pickles  3 months ago

    Enjoyed that vid, great you put the thumbnail first :)