UFC made Donald Cerrone apologize for calling Daniel Cormier a F--got,Till on Logan Paul,Woodley

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 31, 2018
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  • Jobert Jabol
    Jobert Jabol  1 months ago


  • RicRosc
    RicRosc  1 months ago

    Cerrone has to apologize for one comment but McGolden boy can insult everything. Fuckin dollar bias.

  • Stuart Hayward
    Stuart Hayward  1 months ago

    So the UFC makes Donald apologize but let's Conor say anything and everything. The UFC and Dana are so full of shit!

    BRIAN SLIC ANDERSON  1 months ago

    Why should he have to apologize? Homosexuality is an abomonation! And the downfall of this nation! As well as every great empire that has existed since the begining of civilization! On the other hand if someone call someone a pussy? Nobody comes crying, wanting money!

  • John C
    John C  1 months ago

    Bruce is a Bitch

  • Shirley WC
    Shirley WC  2 months ago

    I never called that f@gget a f@gget

  • qp ghost qp
    qp ghost qp  2 months ago

    Fuck that shit idgaf if it's offensive or not gya community trying to pull the same shit the black community is oh we can call us that racial slur you called us but not you fucking idiots

  • Sub MOA
    Sub MOA  2 months ago

    Cerrone is awesome. People are too goddamn sensitive. Does anyone really think he hates gay people? If so, you’re a fucking moron.

  • KeoneArt
    KeoneArt  2 months ago

    New Cerrone fan

  • Rick James
    Rick James  2 months ago

    Bruce Buffer vs Nate Daiz Dana make it happen.

  • meneer nn
    meneer nn  2 months ago

    lies lies what i hear about james and justin, it is justin hwo started trashtalk dude, get the fak out telling lies

  • Scott Goodwin
    Scott Goodwin  2 months ago

    Yeah Rogn you punk bitch faggott

    SENSEI PETTEN  2 months ago

    Cerrone did/ said nothing wrong! W.t.f. is this payment to the gays? For what? Wine spritzers and dildos? Next, there will be the Hurt feelings police squads kicking in our doors, looking for money and some honey.

  • A Mejia
    A Mejia  2 months ago

    Dana white is a white belt. No one bows down to white belts.

  • TheEndOfAnEra
    TheEndOfAnEra  2 months ago

    Cowboy mad cuz he can't wrestle aka he is a bitch

  • D F
    D F  2 months ago


  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan  2 months ago

    everybody knows what the fuck cowboy meant, just more people trying to get money, fake outrage

  • Ray Bars
    Ray Bars  2 months ago

    The Logan Paul fight was ns cause he was way bigger than the other guy and the other guy looked two weight classes lower and not in shape, it was fake. But if he fought Chris he would get beat.

  • Ray Bars
    Ray Bars  2 months ago

    It's stupid he had to donate which obviously means they are looking for money because he should be able to say what he meant and move on but because it's social media generation they can just keep bullying you into doing what they want to do but then they talk about getting bullied and that's why I don't care because they do this to a bunch of people for whatever reason they choose and it's just another form of bullying.

  • Fernando Mendoza
    Fernando Mendoza  2 months ago

    Smh.. A donation.. To who? 😂😂😂