09 11 2001 Live Unedited Cnn News Coverage From 8 50Am To 11 30Am

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 5, 2012
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  • Bennie Brunink
    Bennie Brunink  a months ago +266

    I wanna put out love here for the families and love ones of 9/11 even though I was not directly involved in the event ..

    It still moves me greatly to this day and thats why I created this channel ..

    And put many many great thanks to all the creators of the video' s that made this channel possible ..

    And thanks for all the sweet and heart warming reactions some times in the comments on this videos ..

    I thank all you people .. Have a good one ..

    Greetings Bennie ..
    Groetjes Bennie ..

  • Kevin Keller
    Kevin Keller  11 hours ago

    When CNN was a lot more truthful.

  • Roy Tyrrell
    Roy Tyrrell  14 hours ago

    love to those lost but then again it says in the bible all will be take from the rich and given to the poor, the greedy shall suffer and the poor shall prosper. and two great twins shall fall.

  • Lena Barlow
    Lena Barlow  14 hours ago

    President bush should feel so guilty .

  • Janet
    Janet  18 hours ago

    I was sitting on the couch drinking coffee and saw this on tv real time. After a few minutes my son called crying hysterically, he saw it live on tv also.also

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee  yesterday

    An event this big and CNN has a big fat banner covering the bottom of the picture. They also reported several rumors that were found to not be true.
    CNN is infotainment.

  • LIttleRed1 Mtg
    LIttleRed1 Mtg  yesterday

    Everybody talking about how sad this is, but no one talking about all the UFO sightings on this video

  • B2LPhoto
    B2LPhoto  yesterday

    RIP TO ALL...
    All this the day after the pentagon announcement of the loss of TRILLIONS.. AND BUILDING 7... not hit, minimal fire and it falls too.. so mysteriously

  • Elizabeth Hamilton

    Until 9/11 I never fully appreciated, deep down in my heart, that firefighters go to a fire willing to give their lives for STRANGERS!

  • Tim Irving
    Tim Irving  2 days ago

    Believe what you will. But it seems pretty odd to speculate nationality almost instantly with no reason to. Why not speculate on a disgruntled employee or an extreme suicide pact.
    Also why did Bush have that speech written down, why was he prepared to speak about this 'act of terrorism against our nation'. Seems like he already knew what had happened and who he was going to blame for it.

    Food for thought

  • GateCrasher
    GateCrasher  2 days ago

    Terrible tragedy yes. But more people were dying in Iraq and Afghanistan everyday because of American and coalition bombing campaigns.

  • Shanna Van Ausdall

    I am packed and loaded. I would've offed myself. I wonder how many could've had the same thought? I dont think this question has ever been posed or tried to be investigated. Choosing your manner of death is brave and isnt counted as suicide, let me make that clear. But if in that situation it would've been MY way of choosing.

  • Shanna Van Ausdall

    The day I learned that we werent safe anywhere. That evil DOES lie in the hearts of others.

  • Dr. Pastor Charlie S.

    Let us not forget what the famous State Representative from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, had to say about this.
    "Some people did something."

  • Mark Duffey
    Mark Duffey  3 days ago

    We should have responded with small tactical nuclear missiles on the areas in Afganistan where we already knew these animals were operating. An unprovoked attack at this scale requires that response. Our warning to Pakistan, India, and Russia about our Thor reponse would be respected.

  • Rar.
    Rar.  4 days ago

    Daaaaaang when you can see the 2nd plane come in... f me that was scary

  • Timber Wolf
    Timber Wolf  4 days ago

    Lord, bless them and hold them close, every single soul taken and affected by this. Amen.

  • Jeff Fuehr
    Jeff Fuehr  4 days ago

    one of the things that i think is odd, is how lots of people inside the towers had no clue what was going on

    how in the hell is this possible?

    because i know damned well that there was televisions with cable, all over the place throughout both of those towers

    what did they do?

    disable the cable so that nobody inside could watch the news?

    and the other thing i want to know, is what happened to the security officers who got on the buildings PA and told everybody that the building was secure, and to go back to their offices

    before the 2nd plane hit

    because that always seemed suspicious to me

    let me guess.... after telling everybody to go back to their offices, because the building was secure

    he got the hell
    outta there, so that he wouldn't get killed when the towers collapsed

    who the hell was the person who got on the buildings PA and said that?

    i want to know if that person got killed

    because i always had a gut feeling that he or she got the hell outta there, after telling everybody to go back to their offices

    as if that person was involved, and knew what was going to happen

    i always felt like that person was secretly working with the terrorists, to ensure maximum deaths

  • Unicorns Rule
    Unicorns Rule  5 days ago

    A day i will never forget 11years old i was when this happened and still effects me try not to cry when i see this

  • Oroborus
    Oroborus  6 days ago

    Six trillion dollars and 500,000 lives later, what has the US achieved in the Middle East? Worst than nothing. 9/11 spelled the end of the empire.