If Tyron Woodley loses he might as well retire because he's never getting a title shot,Tyron on Dana

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
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  • yannick willems
    yannick willems  1 months ago

    6:15 true hatter right there😑

  • The Socialist Teamster Local 282 NYC

    Brock shouldn’t be allowed to fight.

  • byron bradford
    byron bradford  1 months ago

    Benefit gas shortage asifeb maybe transition flower widespread offer defendant funny close average.

  • Oliver Night
    Oliver Night  1 months ago

    I love T Wood's skills, but I hate this crybaby shit. He was in a bad position with the ufc because he put on 3 boring title fights before Till, and doesn't have Bushido.

  • Kenneth Thomas
    Kenneth Thomas  1 months ago

    Dana White is a piece of shit. I'm gonna LMAO if your other boy loses to Khabib.

  • Big Hitting Southpaw

    Are you a simpleton or something. The word is spelt loose not lose,there's no such word.

  • Dixiana 321
    Dixiana 321  1 months ago

    He looks high

  • Carmelo Ortiz
    Carmelo Ortiz  1 months ago

    Is good that Joe Rogan recognize real,and give Bellatore they respect and the Respect of real talented price fighters getting paid what they deserve,and Tyrone always keeping it real

  • Carmelo Ortiz
    Carmelo Ortiz  1 months ago

    You have to love TJ and Mark Haunt

  • Klass Act
    Klass Act  1 months ago

    BJ Penn should not be fighting anymore. It was horrible seeing him get beat down as he used to be one of my favourites.

  • Chris Hatt
    Chris Hatt  1 months ago

    They 👂 get fuck

  • one love
    one love  1 months ago

    Woodley keep kicking ass Bruh ...

  • one love
    one love  1 months ago

    Y dana shit on UFC fighters...that's stupid .u gone kill da UFC making room for another mma platform..FUCK DANA WHITE & UFC !!!!!!

  • Bccc Secret society
    Bccc Secret society  1 months ago

    Why does he hate him so much.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy  1 months ago

    Tyrone Woodley got my respect from the beginning...
    Just go out and do your job...

  • James Morris
    James Morris  1 months ago

    And the rest of you guys downing Woodley are probably McGregor fans lol

  • James Morris
    James Morris  1 months ago

    Dana is a racist

  • J B
    J B  1 months ago

    On a serious note i dont understand why mighty mouse and Woodley dont get the promo other fighters get and they're the best UFC has to offer

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones  1 months ago

    Dana White is a racist cracker and he is showing it. The same old America. A black man whoops asstime and time again and its never good enough. Fuck Dana Whites pussy ass the realbrothas is down for u plus mma was designed for whiteboys since we run all other sports and because we run the UFC, Jon Jones and countless others remember the whiteman hates to see steong black men kicking ass.

  • PlanetJigobotTV
    PlanetJigobotTV  1 months ago

    Dana is a racist im convinced... He completely takes sides when he shold be bi partisan.... Taking shots with Connor at a weigh in then proclaiming how good his whiskey is... GTFOH