JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 (2017) Ending + Series Timeline Explained

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 16, 2017
  • Checking out the long awaited sequel JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. Explaining the ending which sets up the story for a part 4, as well as explaining the series difficult to follow timeline.

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  • Kevin P
    Kevin P  3 hours ago

    Nice shot, creepy!

  • Hazel Eyez
    Hazel Eyez  yesterday

    The best scenes & parts in Jeepers creepers 3 is the way the truck is set up to kill in the inside & outside

  • thedevilisaloser666

    I drove 4 hours to and back across a state to see this film in theaters.
    If part 4 ever happens, I will gladly do it again.

  • Sugar T James
    Sugar T James  2 days ago

    I never even knew there was a 3. I guess they don't promote kiddy fiddlers that much.

  • Brian Mather
    Brian Mather  2 days ago

    Clit bait .. when you titled it Explained I was hopeful you had info on the Creepers secret ¿
    So we've got the Creepers origins still a mystery I've heard alot of them ...
    From a cursed member of the Donner party - A disgraced & cursed Engineer of the Civil War or of a Continental railroad expansion ..
    Or even the oldest & most copied ( like from Dracula 2000 franchise. . ) that this is Judah's on going punishment from GOD!

  • Cashaun Simmons
    Cashaun Simmons  2 days ago

    my dog could make a better movie

  • random tall person

    It be great if the next film starts with the bat from hell coming back that would make for some really scary moments if done right

  • Ethan Davis
    Ethan Davis  3 days ago

    Jeepers creepers 3 was trash

  • don't mess with me never ever

    Wait, they actually made this 3rd part

  • Black SuperWoman
    Black SuperWoman  4 days ago

    Considering the director is a convicted pedophile I hard passed this movie.

  • Matthew Vasquez
    Matthew Vasquez  6 days ago

    If only it came out 23 years after the originals but of course with different characters opportunity wasted

  • YAHSuN
    YAHSuN  6 days ago

    🤔 she going to need Merlins magic to stop that damn thing LOL

  • YAHSuN
    YAHSuN  6 days ago


  • Good God
    Good God  6 days ago

    The first 2 we’re my childhood

  • Norman anthony Carroll

    I forgot they made a third movie. Didn't see it but i saw 1 and 2 at least 10 times each

  • Alan Ferguson
    Alan Ferguson  7 days ago

    Your continual narrative without coming up for air is worse than any creeper lol.

  • Brian Jed
    Brian Jed  7 days ago

    Creeper relative of Freddy?

  • jordan tuttle
    jordan tuttle  7 days ago

    I am a huge fan on 1 & 2 but I was NOT a fan of 3. Felt too corny, I wasn’t really interested in this one sadly 😕😕

  • Nikita Montanna
    Nikita Montanna  7 days ago

    The kid who left still cracks me up

  • Ron Goins
    Ron Goins  7 days ago

    Can you please explain to me about the suffurung efffets