Counterfeiting Microsoft Windows Restore CDs Landed Me in Prison for a Year

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 6, 2019
  • In 2012, while living in China, longtime e-waste recycler Eric Lundgren manufactured 28,000 PC restore discs to be used in refurbished computers sold in the United States.

    The shipment of discs, exact copies of Dell-branded Microsoft Windows CDs, immediately raised suspicions with U.S. Customs officers, beginning a chain of events that would alter Lundgren’s life for the next seven years.

    VICE follows the prolific computer refurbisher as he's sentenced to—and released from—federal prison.

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  • cartoon alien
    cartoon alien  an hour ago

    Wow I think those contractors need a nice lil jail visit that’s definitely obtaining money under false pretenses

  • The Real Pupnasty
    The Real Pupnasty  an hour ago

    if he "Gave these away for free and only charged shipping" and didnt put a Microsoft logo on it or a dell logo and just in normal regular script put "Dell XXXXX Model Restore Disc", he could have maybe got away with it.

    If he was selling them, he is lucky that dell didnt come after him as those restore disc were custom imaged by Dell for specific models (or any other PC manufacturer). he meant well but he went about it wrong, never use a companies logo. ever.

  • Artemi J
    Artemi J  2 hours ago

    Rofl this is disgusting. Bill gates is trash if he let this go through. This man might of committed some sins, but his sins were for the greater good of humanity and our economic industry. A large corporation such as microsoft which robs you of your money 25$ to simply reinstall your already purchased software does not give the right to accuse this man for selling open market software for a mere 25 cents in hope of reducing electronic hardware waste . If he never used the label of microsoft to be able to reach the masses who own their product already. Then you would have no case, this man wouldn't of gone to jail. Its pathetic you send people to prison due to the egotistical trademark. Microsoft is clearly taking advantage with its market share. After seeing this. I do not doubt microsoft will face difficulty in retaliation to its nobel citizens of planet earth.

  • optiplex sarkodie
    optiplex sarkodie  4 hours ago

    Tesla is coming for you buddy

  • Seattle Solar Supply

    You know you're messing up when Microsoft goes after you. They don't usually go after people unless it's gross misconduct involved. I know people that have been doing this for decades, but on a much smaller scale.

  • José
    José  13 hours ago

    he just outsmarted the companies and they’re salty about it

  • rjs1jd
    rjs1jd  13 hours ago

    I cringe watching this dude wine for a while minutes i wont get BACK! Crybaby ass dude !

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson  14 hours ago

    Now, after he is out of prison, Tezzzzzla will come after him for messing with their battery packs. We shall see if Tezzla will respond the same way as microfaux will?

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson  14 hours ago

    good one about a man who refused to run from an unjust law. Every man dies, but only a few live their life according to their belief system. what he has done, will change the landscape and view of these goliath corportations. good luck man! I would have just gone to china. 15 months is a long time to spend in prison for nothing!

  • theburners32141
    theburners32141  15 hours ago

    47 years in prison? Lol. Yet people that murder get less time than that! The system is rigged against the poor people, it doesn’t care about race.

  • Jesse Erickson
    Jesse Erickson  16 hours ago

    Eric Lundgren, Thank you for doing your part to try to save this planet. it's so sad that the giants that are just worried about money are so greedy, even when you're not a direct competitor to their products, but they're too stupid to see that.

  • lewis mrotzek
    lewis mrotzek  18 hours ago

    All I can say is the Windows DVD player APP is $20....

  • aqualane1
    aqualane1  19 hours ago

    Land of the free my ass.

  • Pam daley
    Pam daley  21 hours ago

    Shame on Microsoft.

  • forvwlife
    forvwlife  21 hours ago

    First concern is his fedora? That’s about right here 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • Tobi Kraft
    Tobi Kraft  yesterday

    i do not want to use Microsoft since now. Bad Company

  • Wilbur
    Wilbur  yesterday

    Wow, it seems that the Federal Government hates it's own people, especially the smart and industrious ones. Such a shame.

  • Areu Ready
    Areu Ready  yesterday

    That’s why you install Linux

  • Jordan McGuire
    Jordan McGuire  yesterday

    I love this guy. “Okay, lets go to prison”.

    How he is not freaking out at them and throwing shit about in their office I do not know. I’d seriously make things much worse for myself 😫

  • Techbit
    Techbit  yesterday

    This guy is an idiot, he bootlegged Windows OS cds and distributed them for free to thousands and let it be known, outright illegal and foolish. Everyone knows where to find restore images, he can fight ewaste by making his own OS like linux was made for free use and distribution to run PC computers not another companies software.