Top 10 Tiger Woods Golf Shots

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 7, 2017
  • Here are some of Tiger's best shots in his career.


  • ytubepuppy
    ytubepuppy  7 days ago

    Was watching the 2005 Masters (on TV). That chip in is probably the greatest golf shot I've ever seen. That slight hesitation before the ball fell in was probably the best advertisement Nike ever got from their logo.

  • Jake Callahan
    Jake Callahan  7 days ago

    8:25 wut announcer
    "How many ft below his ball is the hole"
    "About 18 INCHES"

  • Jake Callahan
    Jake Callahan  7 days ago +1

    announcer: "There's a good chance he doesnt get this close"
    Tiger: Imma end this man's career


    775 dislikes ????
    Really ??? Lolol

  • bluyraser
    bluyraser  14 days ago

    4:13 someone threw a bag?????

  • Charles Urban
    Charles Urban  14 days ago

    That chip-in, though. "See, even I mess up sometimes. Let's save face, shall we?"

  • 2Fine2Be Humble
    2Fine2Be Humble  14 days ago +1

    The morons that have to scream witticisms like: “in the hole” a millisecond after he connects with the ball should be castrated before the day is out.

  • Scott Minnella
    Scott Minnella  21 days ago +1

    7:42 I remember that putt, thinking a gust of wind hit it at the perfect time. Either that or the Illuminati.

  • Robert
    Robert  28 days ago +1

    The MAN LOVE YA 🐅

  • Carlos Quelis
    Carlos Quelis  a months ago

    The greatest ever, no doubt!

  • D.F. G
    D.F. G  a months ago

    Those who Those who can't.....commentate

  • Daryn Hardwick
    Daryn Hardwick  a months ago

    Well this is the strangest Nike ad I've ever seen.

  • Troy Davis
    Troy Davis  a months ago

    I think anyone who says "get in the hole" should have a 9 iron pounded to his head 5 or 6 times.

  • azath house
    azath house  a months ago

    Were those women’s panties being thrown ?

  • SavageDezi
    SavageDezi  a months ago

    2:35 8 feet?

  • bankrollbill
    bankrollbill  a months ago

    Tiger sucks so bad fuck this clown

  • The Chad
    The Chad  a months ago +1

    If tiger woods had an Ask Me Anything, what would you ask him?

  • Ohwhale
    Ohwhale  a months ago +2

    The excitement and energy he brings is amazing. Fanatics of the sport love him.

  • Chico916
    Chico916  a months ago

    He’s still a deuche

  • matteo boffo
    matteo boffo  a months ago

    3:55 the kid missing Tiger’s high five is the greatest moment in golf in my opinion