Reactions to Conor McGregor saying IT'S ONLY BUSINESS to Khabib in RD 3,Daniel Cormier,Moraes

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 12, 2018
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  • Statzyy TV
    Statzyy TV  12 hours ago

    cuz it is all business they are making it hyped lmao dumbass

  • Alex
    Alex  2 days ago

    The part of the fight in which Khabib took Connor down and started punching his head left and right while saying: "Let's talk now Conor! Let's talk now!" that is an *unforgettable* part of UFC history. Absolutely epic.

  • Lewis Howell
    Lewis Howell  4 days ago

    That ladies and gentlemen is what we call a verbal tap.!!!
    It's only business (translated)= please don't punch me in the face anymore. I'm sorry for talking shit!!
    On the plus side, he's bringing his whiskey out in time for Xmas and he's adding a tap to every bottle. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • sendmelocation !
    sendmelocation !  5 days ago

    Connar said It's only buses

  • Chozus Makavelli
    Chozus Makavelli  5 days ago

    Conor got roasted on this video, he got roasted in the fight too. The man's a living prick, got more in life than he deserved but he couldn't respect life. He must feel like a real bitch now.

  • Maxi-Bon
    Maxi-Bon  5 days ago

    Conor fanboys claiming KISSGATE

  • Alex a
    Alex a  5 days ago

    Conner Tapper

  • The Womanizer
    The Womanizer  7 days ago

    pobre Mcfagget, si no lo mata lo deja loco el Γ‘guila Khabib

  • Blue Adept
    Blue Adept  7 days ago

    Save the trash talk For the CAGE, LOL!

  • Ksatrya bontot
    Ksatrya bontot  7 days ago +1

    shut up ( chicken 🐣 king ) πŸ—‘

  • Luqman Md Alinoordin

    it happened like muslim and non muslim. they talk trash etc.. when the time muslim goes mad and attack... they say its terrorist.... just leave them alone

  • David 162
    David 162  10 days ago

    I think he said β€œFight business”

  • Anthony E.
    Anthony E.  11 days ago

    Your so full of sh!t DC just starting your traing camp . You know you were ready when that call came if you weren't then your a crappy fighter. Now how does Dana White do it Promoting a fight with violence and racism before UFC 229 that wasn't to surprising but UFC 230 really surprised me
    He had 2 African Americans fighting over Popeyes chicken why not toss in some grape pop ?
    DC needs to fight Stipe Miocic to
    Make these fights more racially correct. Come on DC dont be a little girl if you want to be considered great you cant be dodging the tough guys . What if
    Muhammad Ali would of dodged
    Foreman or Frazier , Listen . You just need to fight #Stipe Miocic
    Come on DC everyone says your ducking Jones this would be a great way to shut then up .

  • brando504
    brando504  12 days ago

    I have been a Conor McGregor fan since Day 1 but Conor lost a lot of my Respect when he Told Khabib it was just business cause he knew he was losing. He got wayyy to Personal before the Fight instead of keeping it just Business and than says that bullshit in the middle of the fight. We all know if Conor would have won he would've said "this was a Personal one for me Joe" and still ragged on Khabib and his Family.

  • James Quick
    James Quick  13 days ago

    "It was just business" = The beef was fake, I'm a bitch, lighten up on the ground and pound.

  • Sirajul Laskar
    Sirajul Laskar  14 days ago

    i think mcgrwgor is not a huma being he is dull and a alien and nothing😎😎

  • Sean Overby
    Sean Overby  14 days ago

    This is funny. Every fighter will eventually meet a fighter that's better than him. Some of u call Conor a pussy, barking dog whatever. Can u kick his ass? Funny. If so, I've never heard of you.

    • Daniel Saenz
      Daniel Saenz  11 days ago

      conor God exposed 3 years ago by Chad mendes

  • Violet rose
    Violet rose  14 days ago

    They should make a t-shirt " hey let's talk " with the picture khabib beating Connor on the ground

  • LT.Rumbled
    LT.Rumbled  16 days ago +2

    Great video

    BEB DEBEACH  16 days ago

    The turd-tapper Mcnugget needs to sell cheap booze to pay for pink suits? Not sure why he needed to insult Khabib's dad to make an extra buck