This Just Proves Why Lionel Messi Is The World's Best

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • Almost everybody thinks that Lionel Messi is the world’s best, but somehow there are still some people who say he isn’t. Let’s end this debate. This video just proves that he is the best. It’s not just an opinion of a Messi fan, it’s the opinion of the leading sport scientist and almost every football expert.

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  • sutmarani sudurbai
    sutmarani sudurbai  6 hours ago

    Fuck Ronaldo's fan

  • John Kimeu TU01_SE218_0245_2019


  • FrozenTub3
    FrozenTub3  13 hours ago

    Messi has a cheat code for real life football :) i mean 50 goals or more in 5 different seasons is just ridiculous .

  • Sota Baka
    Sota Baka  yesterday

    haters are stupid ...

    CR7 is the best 7 ever

    LeoMessi is the best 10 ever

  • Chris Maggio
    Chris Maggio  yesterday

    Messi is simply the best player ever period

  • Freecss Ging
    Freecss Ging  yesterday

    Cristiano tonaldo = hard work
    Messi = talent
    Cristiano = complete player in history
    Messi = genius
    Cristiano = game decider
    Messi = game maker

  • Joshua Flores
    Joshua Flores  yesterday

    Long Live Leo

  • Shashank Shekhar Singh

    We are lucky to be seeing this man..#greatness

  • Shashank Shekhar Singh

    A poll states 88% Indians(surveyed) love Messi..

  • sid mb
    sid mb  4 days ago

    Messi The King of all GOATs

  • Varmadrid melapela

    All I heard in this video is straight FACTS!!!🙌💯

  • Anjil Sekh
    Anjil Sekh  6 days ago +3

    Messi fans like here 👍

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson  6 days ago

    But Messi never left the comfort of his club nor turned his back to his 10 emotional fluffer companions !

  • unnamed
    unnamed  6 days ago

    5:09 holy fuck XD

  • memsefer
    memsefer  7 days ago

    I don’t care even marrodona is better than messi ronaldo is a hard worker he works hard for the team messi played with Barca for his life

  • Messi Ganesh
    Messi Ganesh  7 days ago +2

    5:02 messiiiiiiiiii

  • markdelej
    markdelej  7 days ago

    Messi also plays in an era where every player is super fit and super quick and super strong

  • SacNapotigre
    SacNapotigre  7 days ago

    Messi no solo crea jugadas de gol, habilita y driblea sino que hace goles. Y buenos goles. No es un empuja pelotas.

  • Len Hen
    Len Hen  7 days ago

    ESPN study reveals Lionel Messi is three times better than any other player

    is this really true?????