His Veins Run Cold When He Realizes Who's Been Haunting The Homestead All Along

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • And yours will, too...


  • david oxley
    david oxley  2 months ago +204

    Wait.... dead for two years? I heard his voice on camara right before he disappeared when you thought he went for his gloves... i know im not crazy, i heard him speak.

  • James Rosser
    James Rosser  22 minutes ago


  • Shay Flyer
    Shay Flyer  2 hours ago

    o k what the hell r u talking about

  • James Villamor
    James Villamor  4 hours ago

    Phantom 309?

  • George Dowse
    George Dowse  9 hours ago

    At 15 mins in when you point to the bag of chips there's an anomaly right above it it like vortex's

  • George Dowse
    George Dowse  10 hours ago

    Right when you say rewind and listen something moves close to the ground to the left of your face about an inch maybe less

  • George Dowse
    George Dowse  10 hours ago

    7:49 look at right at the tree that you just walked in front of there is definitely someone there

  • George Dowse
    George Dowse  10 hours ago

    Actually theyre there thru 7 mins into the film and they are stepping in and out of the trees you actually look right at the spot at 6:54

  • George Dowse
    George Dowse  10 hours ago

    At 6:30 when the gentleman who owns the land shows up and your pointing into the background right where your thumb ends there is a face it's shines like someone turned into and out of the sun to look at you

  • George Dowse
    George Dowse  10 hours ago +1

    At 5:40 ish your starting to talk about your second day and if you look to the right of your face something steps out from behind the tree in the distance a few times I'm almost positive unless it's a branch in the wind idk thought I say something

  • Mickey Sightings
    Mickey Sightings  14 hours ago

    New to your channel. Looking forward to watching more.

  • Jo Lee
    Jo Lee  17 hours ago +2

    At 8:43, you can see something walking through the woods in the distance to the right. 🤷‍♀️

  • Julian Vandenberghe

    19.49 left bottom just above the bush I see movement. Could be wind

  • Glenn Roach
    Glenn Roach  yesterday

    At least he is a friendly Spirit

  • Steve Jameson
    Steve Jameson  yesterday

    Looks and sounds like someone needs those crayons.

  • BiG BaKeR
    BiG BaKeR  yesterday

    8:10-8:35 look at the black figure where he was pointing

  • Michael Phipps
    Michael Phipps  2 days ago

    You can see a man type figure through this whole video... even from the very beginning

  • Bo Darville
    Bo Darville  2 days ago

    I am watching at around 1 am and this video gave me the wood boogers. That's exactly what I was staying up late looking for thank you.

  • melinda Acevedo
    melinda Acevedo  3 days ago

    8:19 I saw a super skinny person move by one of the trees

  • Noah Hamilton
    Noah Hamilton  3 days ago

    10:00 figures running behind the trees