Ethiopia: ጀዋር መሐመድ ዛሬ የሰጠው ማሳሰቢያ Jawar Mohammed

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
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  • sirack berhanu
    sirack berhanu  1 months ago

    Tenbe zeregna! Shutam.

  • Mitzy Rittz
    Mitzy Rittz  1 months ago

    ha ha ha ha there is only one Bandira - Ethiopian Flag. Green, Yellow, and Red. Without the David star !!!! yeman new KEBT !!!!

  • Yonas Abrha
    Yonas Abrha  1 months ago

    Le ametat yemtnagerew yeneberk
    L Oromo beteley le islamoch
    Tesasche neber bleh ykreta teykachew le hulum ethiopia hizb
    Keza new sew yemiyamnh
    Yemiamnh yelem
    Yeweyane tlacha bicha new yaleh
    Engi y weyane astesaseb attelawm
    Yhone swoch yemitela meri lihon aychlm
    Sewoch yemiadergut metfo bicha yemitela inde dr aby yale sew new meri lihon yemichl
    Gezi gin lithon tchilale

  • menbere Kinfe
    menbere Kinfe  1 months ago

    dabo yemebilat mebitachinin lehizibachin asikebiru were yerabewu ayisemahim yetegebe enji

  • abye Ahmed
    abye Ahmed  1 months ago

    Ante ISIS

  • abye Ahmed
    abye Ahmed  1 months ago

    Ante ke aget wuta

  • abye Ahmed
    abye Ahmed  1 months ago

    Finfineh yewta

  • Ya Red
    Ya Red  1 months ago +1


  • tedla MIn
    tedla MIn  1 months ago

    He acts like Ormoia president-he should be in Jail for what he said

  • yafet dawit
    yafet dawit  1 months ago

    job job hadhakesa borko jewar

  • Yeshi kassa
    Yeshi kassa  1 months ago

    ato Jawar developed countries are talking about unity we stand divided we fall. they research about space, star, technology, you are going backward, only talking about muslim oromo one tribe. You can not talk about ETHIOPIA flag is GREEN YELLOW RED for the past 50years , you tell your followers GYR Ethiopian flag is Amara flag. you always speak hate, your old file is in youtube. you can only talk about your muslim oromo flag. you are nothing. enemy of Ethiopia, enemy of Christian oromo, and enemy of non oromo muslim.

  • sirack berhanu
    sirack berhanu  1 months ago +1

    You should have learned from history. we are living at the age every body reaps what he or she saw. You are still a young fellow. I don’t think you could have peaceful retirement. I recommend you to not allow the evil reign in your head. You better quite your job as an “activist”.
    I don’t hate you as a person but I awfully hate most of your political philosophy.

  • sirack berhanu
    sirack berhanu  1 months ago

    Lemehonu, beregte temehert bet gebtehe temerehal?
    Please let me know where you studied so that I would not send my kids there.
    I never hate people but ...

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def  1 months ago

    በክት ጋላ ያንተ ሢሆን መብት ነዉ ሌላዉ ግን ወጀል ነዉ

  • Utopia world
    Utopia world  1 months ago

    Where can i find this bitchhhh.....

  • Great Man
    Great Man  1 months ago

    The Ethiopian government should shut your devil mouth. You are thinking that you are professional but you are totally illiterate and empty headed.

  • Great Man
    Great Man  1 months ago +1

    Anten belo ye kerro mekari. You are one of the enemy of Oromo. You are working to destabilize the county.

  • Asnakech Lnjore
    Asnakech Lnjore  1 months ago +2

    Ante ethio yegbhw le maxbax new

  • Aklilu Moges
    Aklilu Moges  1 months ago +1

    ወይ ፍቅርና ሰላም ምኑን ይዞብን መጣ የፌስቡክ ቱሉቱላ ለዚህ በቃ ? ሲናገር ደግሞ አንዱን ሳይጨርስ ወዳንዱ ዘሎ ይገባል አረ ጎበዝ ደጉን አምጣ ማለት ነው ለዚህ በቀን አንድ ግዜ በቅጡ የለት ጉርሱን ለማያገኝ ህዝብ ተረት ተረት ሆነ የለት ጉርሱ አረ በፈጣሪ በአላህ ተወት አርጉን በቀን አንዴም ቢሆን በልተን ፈጣሪያችንን አላህን እናመስግንበት ወንድም እህቶች ሙስሊም ክሪስቲያኖች ለነዚህ የሰይጣን መልክተኞች ጆሮችን አንስጥ አደራ፣አደራ።

  • Mesay Assefa
    Mesay Assefa  1 months ago

    Men agabak wesha man adaragak mari wesha