What a new Supreme Court means for abortion

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • States can — and are — limiting access to abortion. In some parts of America, it is essentially unavailable.

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    Abortion has been a subject of debate for decades, and now, President Trump is poised to tip the balance of the Supreme Court into one that could reverse the historic decision that established a woman’s right to choose: Roe v. Wade.

    The case of Roe v. Wade is a frequently a stand-in when we talk about abortion rights, and Trump would be fulfilling a campaign promise by appointed judges that could, in theory, overturn the decision.

    But although the landmark 1973 ruling made abortion legal — in fact, a guaranteed constitutional right governed under the right to privacy — states have limited powers to regulate the practice. And they have been given more and more authority to add restrictions and regulations that limit that right to a smaller number of individuals.

    There are 1,193 state-level restrictions on abortion, and for some women, it has functionally made abortion inaccessible. And if the Court does overturn Roe v. Wade, some states already have laws that would automatically ban some or all abortion. But many American women already live as if that were the case.

    Read more of research and analysis on reproductive and sexual health by the Guttmacher Institute: https://www.guttmacher.org/

    Read more about the NBC/WSJ poll showing that most Americans want Roe v. Wade to stand:

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  • Thomas Duke
    Thomas Duke  8 hours ago

    Woman A: Hey! Do you want your baby?
    Woman B: (sigh) No.
    Woman A: Okay. Wanna crush his head, dismember it, and sell it's body parts?
    Woman B: No you Psyco!
    Woman A: Well, we'll make an excuse that you're impowering women.
    Woman B: SIGN ME UP!!!

  • dragonair bender
    dragonair bender  7 days ago

    Hope these people understand that planned parenthood even said that they were killing babies in one of their pamphlets

  • The Adventure of Maurice the Landy

    I never uderstood why people think removing a lump of lifeless flesh could be considered murder... I wish every "Pro-Life" idiots develop a cancer and that they get denied the removal because it is "alive".

    • dragonair bender
      dragonair bender  7 days ago

      The Adventure of Maurice the Landy well you see that cancer lump has your own dna in it so idc if you cut your leg off or cut a clump of cells out it’s your cells but s baby’s has completely different dna then the mom

  • Ethan St. John
    Ethan St. John  7 days ago

    Oh no, in rapid city, they HAVE to travel so far to kill their kid

  • Ethan St. John
    Ethan St. John  7 days ago

    Is this a problem that in 42 states, a woman can kill her fetus because it is a boy or girl?

  • Santiago Sanahuja

    The right to choose is a fallacy

  • Sizwe. A Mabaso
    Sizwe. A Mabaso  14 days ago

    ''abortion is immoral'' says the same people who have sex with their siblings and discriminate based on skin colour and religion SMH

    • Dairy Queen
      Dairy Queen  9 days ago +1

      "Based on skin color". You realize that the founder of Planned Parenthood was for eugenics and that more black babies are aborted than any other race, right?

  • Klemeninio Browni
    Klemeninio Browni  15 days ago +1

    Vox is fake news

  • Erect Meme
    Erect Meme  18 days ago

    Oh no! Not personal responsibility! The horror!

    • Erect Meme
      Erect Meme  18 days ago

      "I would rather kill my own child than be chained down by the unbearable responsibility of being a mother. I will continue to live free, young, and happy." (You're not a child anymore)

  • Jayjay Sahin
    Jayjay Sahin  19 days ago

    Good! Let there be no more abortions! We need more poor and uneducated people being born so there can be more crime! MS-13 need more recruits for the future and we need single moms signing up for free stuff welfare for each kid that they have!
    At least none of this affects me in any way since I don't live in the US lmao

  • Ali Etwebi
    Ali Etwebi  20 days ago

    what is at stake is womens freedom to kill babys

  • Ali Etwebi
    Ali Etwebi  20 days ago

    clean ur nose or something cuz ur voice is annoying

  • Rachel White
    Rachel White  23 days ago

    The only thing that will come out of banning abortions, is dead girls on the street. You cannot stop abortions, you can only stop safe and healthy abortions.

  • Cindy Mulvey
    Cindy Mulvey  25 days ago

    We have freedom not to get pregnant, until we're ready, mistakes happen, to need to deal with each mistake I make.
    There is adoptions, too.

  • kyomi harumino
    kyomi harumino  25 days ago

    then dont come inside...? I mean, why go through all these?

  • TheFrozenBahamas - Hurricane Wisdom

    I find it funny that all pro-choice advocates have already been born.

  • Shrimp Boyz
    Shrimp Boyz  27 days ago

    2:24 The UP isn't part of Wisconsin

  • dragonhold4
    dragonhold4  28 days ago

    Why does the narrator insist on using a euphemism rather than the word itself?

  • Wesley Heartland
    Wesley Heartland  28 days ago

    denying access to a safe clinical abortion is tantamount to denying women's rights... and the right to consent..
    forcing to woman, against her will, to go full term ..is misogyny at its worst.

    • blue wolf
      blue wolf  5 days ago

      Wesley Heartland I didn’t know you where talking about legislation or anything, I thought you where talking about any way whether culturally or legally, I addressed in a cultural way because I thought that to be an important issue, but if you really want to talk about any kind of policies, i think that when children go to school and learn about sex ed that our schools shouldn’t just be teaching about condoms and stds whatnot, they should also be teaching about sexual morality, when I took sex ed, [which was actually called health class because there was no class named sex ed but that was the equivalent] they mostly just talked about contraception, stds and for some reason transgenderism while showing a video of this transgender kid named Jazz, the reason I’m talking about schools is because sadly so many parents today are lazy when it comes to instilling values into their children and instead depend on schools to do the parenting for them, and then you have an entire generation growing up without any real values being put into them, resulting in a hedonistic culture of self indulgent, fully grown children

    • Wesley Heartland
      Wesley Heartland  5 days ago

      OK... fair enough..
      but you haven't answered the question yet...
      how do you legislate to prevent this "evil"?

    • blue wolf
      blue wolf  5 days ago

      Wesley Heartland I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion, if anything I’m talking more about the boys, and teaching them to not have sex with girls they aren’t gonna be ready to marry and if they end up getting any girl pregnant that to marry the girl and stay around to take care of the child is what they should be doing instead of running off, the only part of what I said that really applied to the girls is not to sleep with anyone your not ready to marry and have a family with

    • Wesley Heartland
      Wesley Heartland  5 days ago

      so the unwed pregnant women should be arrested and held to term... (kinda like cattle)... control those women... is this what you are proposing...

    • blue wolf
      blue wolf  5 days ago

      Wesley Heartland  that parents start acting like parents and teach their kids to have some control and wait until marriage, more than 80% of abortions are from unwed would-be mothers, this hookup culture that developed in America thanks to parents that are too afraid to act like actual parents is disgusting and its also the reason for growing trend of single parent households