How Incredibles 2 Should Have Ended



  • Master R Milan
    Master R Milan  3 hours ago

    Cause I am Wauwa wauwa..

  • Logan Crews
    Logan Crews  7 hours ago +1

    Jack: Because I am Batman🤣🤣👏

  • Eren Akyol
    Eren Akyol  8 hours ago

    you didn't see that coming joke could have been perfect for Dash

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown  8 hours ago

    Even though this is my favorite movie, it had a legit and good ending.

  • Tyler Thomas
    Tyler Thomas  yesterday

    I love spider-man beating her to saving the train. That was commity gold.

  • neetu gupta
    neetu gupta  yesterday

    Although i like our vedio but this one was not good

  • Marsel Jr
    Marsel Jr  yesterday +1

    Batman say why daht mins becasus im batman

  • Liam Jennings
    Liam Jennings  2 days ago +1

    Sorry, Jack Jack cut Batman off. *Ahem* BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!

  • mikiyachi2
    mikiyachi2  2 days ago

    That's RIGHT Jackjack

    OMG BOI  3 days ago

    I love the booth

  • night fruy and me no name

    2:07. Omg lol

  • night fruy and me no name

    Spuder man. HaAa

  • W. P.
    W. P.  3 days ago

    And, Batman adopts the kids to make them sidekicks.

  • Wayne                  WW Brown
    Wayne WW Brown  4 days ago

    Ra- ra- raman?
    hey wait isn't there another superhero but I seen no high or antenna,
    I mean the big blue guy who Yells "Spoon!" and sidekick Arthur.
    He save the moon from been eaten by what his name Ginormous?
    it is been what 30-40 years? I think

  • TheCumberCoIlective

    Batman head Jack Jack was inspired.
    And this really is how it should have ended. Sooo many problems with the movie even though it was great

  • malek20
    malek20  4 days ago

    2:06 i did not see that coming

  • Speed Burpy
    Speed Burpy  5 days ago


  • Star Doctor The General of Time

    I always wondered why Violet and Dash never took off the other supers' goggles when they were fighting them.

  • Anjimations
    Anjimations  7 days ago

    Every Incredibles Ever: Infinity kissing scenes or Mr and Mrs Incredible.