Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - When In Doubt Dab

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • Mariel gets a bit too competitive at Lindsay's baby shower. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: from Always Open # 37» Get your RTAA merch:» Subscribe: by: Quinn WestonDirected by: Jordan BattleAbout Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures:The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.More Rooster Teeth:» Achievement Hunter: » Let's Play: » Rooster Teeth Animation:


  • Ryvaken  1 years ago

    "Caboose, what did I tell you about nice girls?""There are no nice girls.""That's right."

  • Ryvaken  4 months ago

    @Ashley Turner Domestic violence, usually started by the woman. Adultery, usually a married woman. Divorce, usually instigated by the woman. The statistics do not back up your claim.There are indeed a dwindling number of people worth being nice to. I have a suspicion we will not be in agreement as to WHO those people are.

  • Arturo Garza  1 years ago


  • Slackin  1 years ago

    Arturo Garza I could totally see how Turney could be one of the mean girls.

  • Kisato Rimuru  1 years ago

    "Being Meg Turney to you."And with that one sentence her entire relationship with Gavin suddenly makes so much more sense.

  • XerasDezarrys  6 months ago

    @Dawnslight16 I can see it. It also all makes sense. Michael and Gavin would absolutely marry the female versions of the other

  • Dawnslight16  8 months ago

    @JJ77XOXO Lindsey is a female Gavin?

  • Travis E  1 years ago

    To all those who said that "this math stuff is never gonna come in handy!"Get dabbed on

  • Christopher Taveras  1 months ago

    All she did was count the amount on the bottom and then multiply it by the amount of layers

  • ominous jack  2 months ago

    @Richard Avelino he dab? Don't remember

  • John Peacekeeper  1 years ago

    Not gonna lie.I like that kind of girl XD

  • Adam Sherman  3 days ago

    Sadly for us dudes, she's batting for the other team.

  • DrunkMarksman  1 years ago

    Did you yeet the baby?

  • MrKurbek  1 years ago


  • DontListen ToMe  1 years ago

    what even IS this new slang?

  • skarrambo 1  1 years ago

    I often won those 'guess how many in the jar' things in school - but you have to be careful as to be sure that it's solely filled with what you're asked to count, and not containing something you can't see, which would throw the layer approximation off

  • People who are smart always get bullied and she celebrate with a DAB! XD#MathRules

  • Emilio Reyes that a sign of show offs

  • holysmokes1047 she did went too far

  • Matthew Filby  1 years ago

    RTAA audio appearances (Relevant)5) Michael 816) Barbara 797) Jack 628) Miles 509) Joel 4911) Ryan 2812) Lindsay 2513) Blaine 2323=) Jordan, Josh, Andy 426=) Kathleen, Griffon, Matt B, Aaron, Mica, Gray H, Mariel 333=) Marshall, Shannon, Nick R, Max K, Alfredo, Becca, Sally LP, Cole G 2

  • Ekkaisara  7 months ago


  • Jaime Quiambao  1 years ago

    TACOCHEEZE _ what about ray

  • Minsc And Boo  1 years ago

    I’m not sure what to comment... um...*DAB*

  • Minsc And Boo  1 years ago

    neogreggory Farewell!

  • neogreggory  1 years ago

    Good to hear! Well, I ought to be on my way. Glory to Vatinius.