It's Hiding In Your Soda Can

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 23, 2019
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    Today we're testing a viral video and seeing if you really can remove the aluminum surrounding the thin film inside a soda can.

    This idea was actually originally done by our friend Nurd Rage. See his video here:

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  • Leo Saghyan
    Leo Saghyan  an hour ago

    u have to tap it on the side but if u shake it like dat dont think its gonna do much😂😂😂

  • birb meme
    birb meme  15 hours ago

    the tapping thing definitely works but you shook it too hard and didn't hold it still on a flat surface while tapping. you've gotta tap more aggressively the more you shake it. i mess with my friends by shaking it, tapping it, and opening it in their face, they think it's gonna explode but it doesn't and i just take a sip and wink lol

  • Just Me
    Just Me  2 days ago +2

    Soda is super unhealthy
    Me: drinking dew :3

  • Soulon Howland
    Soulon Howland  3 days ago


  • April Ghosttowne
    April Ghosttowne  3 days ago

    Ah yes, the worms! They're hiding in my pineapple soda! The worms on a string! They rise from the carbonated pineapple juice!

  • M.J.P.
    M.J.P.  3 days ago

    Make a soda cannon please

  • the person who loves every one

    I believe tapping the soda works maybe tap it harder? Can someone try it and replay?

  • Sierra’s World
    Sierra’s World  4 days ago

    I don’t like soda

  • TheExoticWonders TM

    if you haven't yet can you put a paper towel in Fanta and see what is left over cause does it actualy just turn to water like in the video i watched

  • SOCubed
    SOCubed  5 days ago

    5:32 LOL

  • Tommy Underwood
    Tommy Underwood  5 days ago

    Taping work btw

  • Zubair Ansari
    Zubair Ansari  5 days ago

    cali makes the videos seem cute XD

  • kim
    kim  5 days ago +1

    I believe I’ve never seen Nate without those gloves.

  • Misty Sellers
    Misty Sellers  5 days ago

    For scientist of the week I did the egg thing and I had a bad past with vinegar so I almost threw up at the smell of the eggs and kids where playing with the eggs so one rolled off the table and popped on my shoe ;-;

  • Malachi Mikaelson

    7:33 it looks like a placenta

  • Bryan Metelski
    Bryan Metelski  6 days ago

    Flick the side of the can! Doing this releases the bubbles from the imperfections clinging to the interior of the can. No explosion 👍

  • Mayank Jariya
    Mayank Jariya  6 days ago

    mel guys must have put clear epoxy on the inside to reinforce the plastic.

  • MostlyWeed
    MostlyWeed  6 days ago

    I gave up soda like 20 years ago... coke tastes horrible to me now.

  • Saayan Rao
    Saayan Rao  7 days ago +1

    Mix sulfuric acid and lye.

  • Dellani Oakes
    Dellani Oakes  7 days ago

    It looked like their can was taller and not as wide. Could that make a difference?