It's Hiding In Your Soda Can

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 23, 2019
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    Today we're testing a viral video and seeing if you really can remove the aluminum surrounding the thin film inside a soda can.

    This idea was actually originally done by our friend Nurd Rage. See his video here:

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  • What’s up with Lahni

    Put glue in a dehydration machine and try to make slime

  • Amber Owen
    Amber Owen  15 hours ago

    Rip tkor

  • Wigglet G
    Wigglet G  yesterday


  • dpalmerable
    dpalmerable  yesterday +1

    You never had a control in the tap test (unshaken soda)

  • Amberlee Beebe
    Amberlee Beebe  yesterday

    hey put the drain cleaner in a cup then drop an egg in it

  • Kayla Dinero
    Kayla Dinero  yesterday

    My taps work

  • dhilipsiva ds
    dhilipsiva ds  yesterday

    Looked like hulk's used condom :p

  • Caleb Andrews
    Caleb Andrews  yesterday

    you have to tap the sides. by tapping the top you just agitate it. The way soda works is you carbonate the water and by tapping the sides you release the pressure to the top.

  • Kael Dowton
    Kael Dowton  yesterday

    How do you seperate the gallium from the aluminium if the aluminium has been dissolved?

  • Crystal Homlitas
    Crystal Homlitas  2 days ago

    I know I am super late, but they kind of look like condoms. Lol

  • im also a doctor
    im also a doctor  2 days ago +1

    Coca-Cola Community: WE’VE BEEN EXPOSED?!

    5 Minute Crafts: sksksksksk and I oop-

  • Adam T
    Adam T  3 days ago

    Fanta: 100% natural flavor... contains no juice

  • SwapPart TV Repair

    Am I the only one reminded of used condoms?

  • Ash
    Ash  4 days ago

    Y'all eat your sofa with or without the shell

  • ryuzakilawlight
    ryuzakilawlight  4 days ago

    'So these mofos use plastic to protect their ALUMINUM but.. want us to DRINK that....

  • Lil Chigglet
    Lil Chigglet  5 days ago

    10:50 uhm excuse me you’re supposed to pour the solutions into the water not vis-versa to avoid the solutions from splashing

  • Lisa Hagan
    Lisa Hagan  5 days ago

    Wait who was the first person to put as Soda can in drain cleaner

  • Samuel Gunn
    Samuel Gunn  5 days ago

    I tap on the top of a soda to get the can opener thing on the top to stick up so i can open it

  • Lili _3lyse
    Lili _3lyse  5 days ago

    Your supposed to tap on the sides

  • editsbyhuan
    editsbyhuan  6 days ago

    Rip to a legend