Cars found in lakes; bodies found in water - missing persons compilation

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 11, 2016
  • 1. Six bodies were discovered in two cars found on the bottom of Lake Foss in Oklahoma. The cars, both at least 40 years old, were discovered when the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Marine Enforcement division were conducting training sessions involving new sonar technology.

    2. Claudia Melgar, 25, was last seen on surveillance footage driving home just after 6 a.m. Monday morning, April 18, when she came across a tow truck blocking a submerged underpass. Melgar drove around the truck into 17 feet of water, where her car, a white Dodge Durango, began to float and got stuck. Moments later, her vehicle was completely submerged.

    3. Authorities in South Dakota have confirmed the remains of two people found in a submerged car last year are those of two teenaged girls missing since 1971.

    4. The body of a famous Chinese TV presenter was found beneath a bridge in the Yongchuan district in China's south-western Chongqing municipality. The half-naked body has multiple wounds in head and neck.

    5. The decomposed body of an aspiring young actress was found in a water tank in Mexico City nearly a year after she disappeared.

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  • Aldo
    Aldo  yesterday

    Yuck.......just yucccckkk

  • Judy Tramel
    Judy Tramel  7 days ago

    Them guard's killed him

  • Judy Tramel
    Judy Tramel  7 days ago

    Such a shame. But i would of backed out or tryed when i seen that much water

  • Noob85971
    Noob85971  7 days ago


  • Nick
    Nick  7 days ago

    She was flashing her light in the trunk of her car... but there has to be an emergency exit to the back trunk???? Or before the battery cuts off open your windows. Even a back window before its submerged. That sucks

  • KaijuPichu
    KaijuPichu  7 days ago

    missing persons compilation

  • Edward Breckenridge

    Well I use to drink tap water nope not after seeing this. Can't imagine the taste

  • Minor Threat
    Minor Threat  7 days ago +2

    Maybe the pigs didn't plan on hurting him but their actions directly caused his death, they should have been charged with involuntary manslaughter at least!

  • Coral63
    Coral63  14 days ago +1

    The one that was found in the water tank, is like Elisa Lams. Maybe Elisa was murdered too😱

  • Mr. Midnight
    Mr. Midnight  14 days ago +1

    If someone goes missing... search every single body of water

  • Nicole McCrory
    Nicole McCrory  14 days ago

    May 30, 2016 memorial day my 21 year old nephew was found dead in a lake after being reported missing on May 6, 2016 three years later still don't know what really happened to him. I was with him earlier that day he was acting normal. My family still thinks whatever happened was a homicide. RIP Mikey 💔😢😢

  • Tyrah Knight
    Tyrah Knight  14 days ago

    why she just didnt get out and swim away..

  • Itz_gray_ 2019
    Itz_gray_ 2019  a months ago +1

    It’s called a Bel Air. Camaro is a Chevy

  • Itz_gray_ 2019
    Itz_gray_ 2019  a months ago

    The poor Camaro 😭😭😭

  • ZVDreacts
    ZVDreacts  a months ago

    Pour camaro 😞😞

  • Sarai Cortez
    Sarai Cortez  a months ago +1

    If your car end up in water and can't get the doors or Windows open, see the head rest on your front seats they are removable see the metal rods yeah use that to break the window, to prevent yourself from drowning in your car how to float if you can't swim take a deep breath first then let your feet float up then keep your face on the surface of the water but your ears under water k hope that helped.

  • Your Moms Left Cheek

    Lee shook

  • Kevin Farr
    Kevin Farr  a months ago

    Sad that we live in this world with crazy people. Unbelievable!

  • BirdsCan't Fly
    BirdsCan't Fly  a months ago

    A car crash

  • FACER 360
    FACER 360  a months ago +2

    Reason why I will never buy a Chevy