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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • Compilation #27 of car crashes and bad drivers in North America video was made for Educational purposes. Watch people make mistakes on the road and do not repeat.Watch, Learn, Drive Safe!


  • DMETS519  10 months ago

    @ 2:45. The red cutlass had a moment where he was ahead of the rig and could have cut over behind the caddy and didn't for some reason. Then he drifted back again on the left and then it was too late by that time. That was a nice car and its a shame he didn't know how to merge.

  • lílα wєllѕ  1 months ago

    It’s illegal to impede traffic so no one is suppose to slow down to allow traffic to merge. It is the duty of the ones merging on to make sure there is enough space for them. Ignorant folks on the road these days.

  • Flabbs 10  1 months ago

    All fired up listening to creepsmcpasta

  • Brady  4 months ago

    90% of these could have been avoided by actauly having braking distance or slowing the fk down

  • @Syaiful Ariffin Life is precious.

  • @Baffled An'Deranged Yes. Agreed. What if there baby's inside.

  • MakaylaTheBest  2 months ago

    Anytime I see a motorcycle in these videos my anxiety shoots up to 10000%

  • ijoshie365  6 days ago

    I like seeing them cocky fucks go down ✌️😂

  • Mattie playz Fan  19 days ago


  • Mamon McBean  1 months ago

    Ya know, simple courtesy would prevent 99% of these accidents.

  • officiallykpopped  12 days ago

    In america? Hahahahahaha

  • Cat Woman  21 days ago

    @Lone Wolf YOU'RE SMART.

  • Ike Phillip Ruffin  3 months ago

    9:08 When you wanna pull off on em', but your car only has 6 horse power LOL

  • Kyranasaur  1 months ago

    Ike Phillip Ruffin All that noise and aint go no where 😂😂

  • ii-Sleepless  2 months ago

    I feel like I’m a better driver after watching these, it helps me realize how many dumbasses are on the road.

  • @rhodes1986 To be fair, it's people doing stupid shit in front of trucks, knowing full well they can't stop on a dime.

  • rhodes1986  2 months ago

    And 90% of them are Truck drivers.

  • johngy40  4 months ago

    The bike rider would be better off using the footbrake rather than Fred Finstone style stopping

  • R C Nelson  3 months ago

    @Brick Click Cat Don't think so. Cars in other lanes were already slowing down as was the car taking the video. The biker apparently wasn't paying attention.

  • m3ile0hig3h  4 months ago

    @bcurtis5810 nice catch, I didn't see that the first time thru. Was too focused on what this dashcam driver was doing

  • WashingtonWebFoot  12 days ago

    "I had my blinker on! You have to let me in!"What discount driving school do those dipshits go to?

  • evildeadlies  28 days ago

    OK! THAT IT!!! Dash cam have to buy now!!! people are crazy... like no shit lol

  • tristan mcneilly  1 months ago

    That first dude was funny. “Christ oh mighty”😂😂 and they she said I’m gonna get out talk to 911 he no I’m gonna get out u talk to 911