Ranking the Devil May Cry 5 Bosses from Worst to Best

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 16, 2019
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    With Devil May Cry 5 finally released, it's finally time to rank the best bosses in Devil May Cry 5. We've be ranked the bosses in Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Devil May Cry 4, and now it's time for the best and worst Devil May Cry 5 bosses.

    This 18-year running franchise holds up suprisingly well for a first time player in 2019. Today's video is on the best and worst Devil May Cry 5 bosses, including Urizen, Artemis, Gilgamesh, Elder Geryon Knight, Cavaliere Angelo, Nidhogg, Vergil, Cerberus, and Goliath. I hope you enjoy - and if you do be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all the latest content from the channel!

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  • Akhdan Naufaldy Nasution

    Best Devil May Cry boss: Donguri

  • Apollo FGC
    Apollo FGC  2 days ago +1

    Just finished my first playthrough, my only ever death was at the end of Dante vs vergil. Tons of hitboxes

  • Bruce Dallas
    Bruce Dallas  3 days ago

    I love how demod just skipped DMC 2013 and not acknowledge it as part of the series

  • Walking Earthquake

    Angelo cavalier is a piece of cake if you find Kalina Ann in mission 11

  • Lewis Barclay
    Lewis Barclay  6 days ago

    My ONLY problem with this game. Virgil kills HOW MANY people? THEN ends up damn near ending the world. After all that dante and the gang are like "we made up so its all cool and forgiven now". I love that they made up but as I beat the game I just kept thinking "How many people died during this story?"

  • Philipe Xavier
    Philipe Xavier  7 days ago

    There's a trophy that you earn after playing the cavalier Angelo lever without any weapon (guns and swords). It becomes a Royal Guard level basically

  • David Binoya
    David Binoya  7 days ago

    use royal guard


  • Xeon Master
    Xeon Master  7 days ago

    17:47 DAm YOu KNow ThEt wAs A F### cOol.

  • Sabalghoo
    Sabalghoo  14 days ago +2

    13:07 Dante is just going ham on Urizen's demon balls. Ouch...

  • nochtczar
    nochtczar  14 days ago

    Mission 20 Vergil is definitely easier than mission 19. He's noticeably less aggressive and Nero is just plain stronger than Dante blow-for-blow (gameplay wise I mean)

  • Francesco Piani
    Francesco Piani  14 days ago

    This Is my list:
    1) Artemis
    2) Vergil
    3)king cerberus
    4) urizen
    5) malphas
    6) Goliath
    7) cavaliere angelo
    8) elder geryon knight
    9) Gilgamesh
    10) niddog
    11) qliphoth root

  • Hades Vondoom
    Hades Vondoom  21 days ago

    On harder difficulty Virgil is tough as hell

  • yolo lol
    yolo lol  21 days ago

    As DMC 5 was my first DMC game not counting the reboot and had heard so much talk about DMC5 being difficult and hard so I decided to play on normal. I died only once as Dante against Vergil.... Soo yeah
    Edit: if you don't count the Urizen fights as Nero

  • Chris G
    Chris G  21 days ago

    Did you notice that the ground slowly turns back into the underworld as urizen walks over it in his last fight? Now that's cool. NOW GIVE US VERGIL ALREADY! Also did Dante even know who V really is? I dont think V ever told him, he only told Dante that Urizen is Vergil not himself.

  • Moisture max
    Moisture max  28 days ago

    What’s the normal difficulty

  • Gabriel.F
    Gabriel.F  1 months ago

    U can suplex virgil when he does the flying thing

  • Justin Lam
    Justin Lam  1 months ago

    Neat fact about the fight with V's familiars, they can only use moves that you buy when playing as V

  • Justin Haley
    Justin Haley  1 months ago

    9 months later I just noticed Vergil has a tail

  • jlaw12204
    jlaw12204  1 months ago

    Jump cancel to stay in the air

  • Justin Phelps
    Justin Phelps  1 months ago

    Gilgamesh is definitely worse than garyon knight and chicken lady