Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 14, 2019
  • Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.

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  • DJ Clash Gamer  (6 days ago)

    How lucky is Doctor strange. He saw endgame when we were watching infinity war.

  • Alex Kokkola  (48 minutes ago)

    Not only that, he saw every idea that didn't make it into the final script

  • Cody Garlington  (2 hours ago)

    God it seems like 1,000 years ago

  • Abhishek mane  (19 hours ago)

    Black widow : practising with pistols to kill thanos...Thanos : Am I joke to you ! 😂

  • oDieseLz  (28 minutes ago)

    I mean...couldn't a well placed bullet to head kill Mr. Thanny pants?

  • Ronnie James Deodorant  (36 minutes ago)

    and at like 15 yards too. Just remove her. She's just going to drop the gun and start fighting with a staff anyway

  • Last Ticket will be 10X more expensive of its actual costme: whatever it takes😠

  • PsyduckNation  (3 minutes ago)

    +Der Zerstörer even if you have a home cinema you'll need to wait endgame to be released in digital

  • Chubbed Nugget  (1 hour ago)

    +Anonymous Shield Official lololololol I'd follow rocket any day

  • Ugbemugbem Osas  (18 hours ago)

    _Steve:_ Whatever it takes._Clint:_ Whatever it takes._Natasha:_ Whatever it takes._Quill:_ Wherever it takes._Tony:_ Whoever it takes._Drax:_ *Whyever* it takes.

  • MilkyWaves  (14 minutes ago)

    Lmao 😂

  • geek culture  (3 hours ago)

    Groot: I am Groot.

  • DJ AREEB  (18 hours ago)

    There's No Thanos In This Trailer...*_BRING ME THANOS_*

  • DJ AREEB  (1 hour ago)

    +Shirona Ohhh Yeah.. I Forget..

  • Ethan Schopp  (1 hour ago)

    he probably snapped himself lmao

  • kt_ 13  (2 days ago)

    Thanos : No one can kill meblack widow's pew pew gun: hold my beer

  • Chris Mac  (8 hours ago)

    +Dominick Roche wth are you tryna say 💀

  • I’m your 1,000 like. I did something awesome for once.

  • Ranalcis Rajkumar  (18 hours ago)

    Endgame trailer: Shows Iron man back on Earth. Endgame teaser trailer and oxygen: Am I a joke to you?

  • oDieseLz  (25 minutes ago)

    That could be in the past. Remember Ant Man Allegedly time traveled.

  • Danielgaming101 101  (7 hours ago)

    +SpartanOnyx yeah true Bruce couldn't turn

  • The Game  (12 hours ago)

    Avengers 4 PLOT CONFIRMED:Iron Man travels back in time.whispers in Thor’s ear“Go for the head.”

  • Jakayla Brown  (2 hours ago)


  • DarkFire  (4 hours ago)

    That would be smart if it happens im coming back to this comment

  • Saukhya Telge  (15 hours ago)

    *Thor* : should have gone for the *head**Starlord* : shouldn't have gone for the *head**Vision* : should have stayed in the *bed*

  • Shaghaf Nadeem  (1 hour ago)


  • SuperJRAmedx2  (2 hours ago)

    Spiderman: should've stayed on the bus

  • Saukhya Telge  (15 hours ago)

    *Steve* : Ok Avengers here's the plan. This time when we confront Thanos everyone go for the head *whatever it takes* alright? We don't want another comment section saying 'roses are red, heroes are dead, Thor should have gone for the head'