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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 3, 2016
  • Top 20 goals in World Cup History


  • W J
    W J  3 minutes ago

    Messi? 😂😂

  • Octavio Gonzalez
    Octavio Gonzalez  15 hours ago

    VERY BAD. And Pelé his 12 goals in Wordl Cup??

  • Steve Draper
    Steve Draper  21 hours ago

    Why the shit music? Are we supposed to be watching the football or FUCKING DANCING YOU TWAT.

  • Hubertus Casino
    Hubertus Casino  23 hours ago +1

    Can’t believe Klaus Fischer’s goal against France in ’82 is left out.

  • TEJ Jensen
    TEJ Jensen  2 days ago

    I certainly think Michael Laudrup's goal against Uruguay (World Cup 86) deserves a place here. It is better than many of the goals you have included here on this list. Preben Elkjær also made a fantastic goal in the same match, where he ran from his own half and scored. We - Denmark - had a super team there in the mid 80's but unfortunately they have a terrible day against Spain. Danes' Nemesis when we talk football.

  • ran dom
    ran dom  3 days ago

    argentinas team of 2006 was incredible

  • Mete Topcuoglu
    Mete Topcuoglu  4 days ago

    wonderful goals, horrific music...

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez  4 days ago +3

    Diego's first goal vs England is the best!

  • Juan Sebastián Arroyo

    El gol del mexicano Negrete fue calificado como el mejor de todos en una encuesta de la FIFA. Los ingleses se portaron muy corteses con Maradona. Por eso su gol no puede ser el mejor.

  • I.MAR.
    I.MAR.  5 days ago +4

    Brazil's Josimar scored a beauty of a goal in the 86 WC

  • فهد الزايد

    Long live to Maradona

  • Martin Gorman
    Martin Gorman  5 days ago

    maradona shouldn t be on this list the cheating little bastard

  • ricardo castro
    ricardo castro  7 days ago

    Esse tal de maradona é fogo...

  • Crimson
    Crimson  7 days ago

    You really think that between 1930-1974 there was no goal worth to be on this list?

  • Crimson
    Crimson  7 days ago

    Why a so horrible music?

  • Minom Pnom
    Minom Pnom  7 days ago

    If your surname is Rodriguez you have a good chance of scoring a great world cup goal

  • Jairo Nuñez
    Jairo Nuñez  7 days ago

    Very difficult selection. Owairan's goal is very similar to Maradona's, therefore, it deserves the 2nd place. Baggio's goal should be 3rd, Negrete's amazing volley 4th, Pele's goal 5th, and The rest could go in any order. There are some ommisions, of course. One worthy of mention is Paul Breitner's amazing shoot against Chile in 1974.

  • Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz  7 days ago

    El de borguetti vs Italia te falto crak

  • طلال الشمري

    AL-owairan good