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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 3, 2016
  • Top 20 goals in World Cup History


  • fitofito1001  2 days ago

    #12 and 13 should be replaced by Socrates’ goal against Italy in 1982 and Maradona’s 2nd goal in semi final against Belgian in 1986.

  • Stephen Porter  1 years ago

    Great goals. Shame about the music

  • exeshe4ki  1 months ago

    Do not use background music for this. Ever!

  • Farik Kiraf  8 days ago

    Especially when the music is so gay.....

  • 越前屋忍  19 days ago


  • Ale Mercado  1 years ago

    Maradona´s second goal vs Belgium in 86 should be in the list

  • 김태근  2 days ago

    Agree, visual killing

  • Steve O'Boyle  6 days ago


  • Aklesh Padhy  8 days ago

    Thanks for ruining the Bergkamp goal with that unwanted, irritating background song...

  • Tri Aris Wibowo  2 months ago

    Maradona vs Belgium 1986??

  • CaptainArt777  6 days ago

    @Tri Aris Wibowo , I am done with you. Can't have an debate with anyone that lies for a lair. If he cheat and liar got caught it only means that he done it before and finally got caught. I am done with this. No use.

  • Tri Aris Wibowo  6 days ago

    @CaptainArt777 His cheating against England cannot be used as an excuse to deny the beauty of his goal against Belgium. be fair since in your mind buddy.

  • Immortalsouls  1 months ago

    Maradona 100% greatest ever goal. And numerous World Cup goals from him. Childhood memories.

  • mrloop  yesterday

    Laudrup Sand Denmark-Nigeria 98Yes, I'm a little biased

  • Genesis Soeiro  2 months ago

    Maradona's goal against Greece in the United Stats 94

  • superbia75es  1 years ago

    A good list but missing Igor Belanov, Soviet Union v Belgium in 1986. His first goal of his hat-trick in that game. Easily makes the top twenty. And what a game that was, by the way.